Worm Your Way into My Garden


Worm-hunting is therapeutic for me.   Finding a worm combines the thrill of the hunt with the concentrated, focused attention of meditation.  That rush of adrenalin combined with a dopamine hit when I find a worm -whata Eureka Moment!   I often wonder if all the wiggling the worms do when I find them  is because of their adrenalin hit  . . .

I started  a worm farm but found out that earth worms don’t make good farm animals.  You need red wigglers for farms.  So now I dig the earth worms out of the flower beds and directly put them into my vegetable garden.  They are free range worms.

Here’s my garden.  cauliflower, broccoli and something else.  I don’t know which is which.

I planted marigolds to ward off insect critters.

DID YOU KNOW?   If all worms on the planet died  (bees too), life as we know it would cease. Worms are busy little bees: They break down organic matter; They aerate the soil; They help to combine organic matter into the top soil and; They  even can eat and pacify harmful

Max, worm hunting

industrial chemicals such as those containing arsenic!

I do not want any arsenic in my vegetables.  I better go find some more worms.

P.S.  Thank you Laurie M. for my starter seedlings.

P.P. S  Thank you Rick & Sheila for the only flower-plant that I can’t kill.

P.P.P.S.  The 1/2 Mirapex is working so far!  I’m not exhausted.  However, I have become addicted to finding worms.

4 thoughts on “Worm Your Way into My Garden

  1. This just made me giggle.
    I do love finding worms in my garden, it tells me my earth is happy and healthy…..and so are my plants.
    not much gardening here this year, I hope the worms won’t be disappointed.


  2. I learned something today! I did not know what would happen if the worms died. I knew about the bees and the recent confirmation of how pesticides are affecting them, but not the worms. Yet, the worms can eat pesticides. I’m sure scientists are trying to figure out how they can do that.

    It’s great that the Mirapex is working. I look forward to reading about any new addictions you may develop. 🙂


  3. We have had a worm farm to create castings earlier in our gardening adventure … that lasted about 9 months … we moved them out into the garden. I too get excited when I find a worm, and ecsatic if there are more than one, or if they are big fat ones … although any is great for our rock hard dirt. I have been doing weeding for the past couple of days … hopefully then I can get more worms to move in!!! Perhaps I will put a “worm wanted” sign out in my universal energetic space … seems the animals have no problem finding us … word gets around pretty fast!!! 😀 Glad you are seeing some improvement.


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