The PERFECT Clock for a Nudist Colony and/or Your Shower

I hope whoever did the programing on this AP was STANDING because if not, his/her time is running out.  (see yesterday’s post)


Thanks Sharon & Norris for taking a chance and sending this over public media!

Burning question of the day

Which way do you prefer your men nude:  Digital or Analog?  

(click on them and they’ll switch for you)

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2 thoughts on “The PERFECT Clock for a Nudist Colony and/or Your Shower

  1. Normally, I like an analog clock…but with the nude men…I liked the digital version…they keep having to jump up and down…funny little things. Poor things though, they don’t look quite anatomically correct…then again..they are small…very small.


    1. Wendy,
      You may have hearing problems but your eyesight is still sharp! . . . as well as your humor.
      P.S. I absolutely never noticed whether they were anatomically correct, I was TOTALLY focused on the time . . .


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