It’s Hard being Human.

I snapped at my husband today.  I felt justified to boot.

Why would a therapist, who KNOWS relationship dynamics, why would a therapist who counsels others on how to conduct themselves to make their life better, why would a therapist respond in such an unhealthy way?

Why would a woman with a husband and friends who love her and dog who gives her licks upon request, why would a woman who believes that we are all connected and God is in all  feel alone?

Hate to admit it, but I keep getting reminded that I’m human.

After the stress, excitement, tension of  being “up & on” all day yesterday I’ve crashed.
My body’s aching, my face, feet, legs and arms are burning, I’m exhausted and yes, I feel alone with it all.
Humbling experience.

Ironically, one of the pictures I talked about yesterday was the collage I did depicting my exhaustion and the part of me who yells to pull myself together, get up and get going, the part of me that just sits, frozen in place, and the exhausted part that just lays there listening.

I also talked about the Buddhist saying –
Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.
Today I told that yelling me to shut up and leave us alone.
I choose suffering.

23 comments on “It’s Hard being Human.

  1. IF you feel you need to snap, snap away. BUT, apologize and explain why. My goodness Judith, don’t feel such guilt. You’re human, you’re tired, you are in pain. All you did is snap, probably because you are tired as well. Join us other humans, we all make mistakes. If I wrote a blog post about every time I snapped, I’d have an encyclopedia. Love Laurie F,


  2. I am with you today, sister. Humbled, self-critical, defeated (temporarily).

    My suffering and I wish to wallow today. Tomorrow can be a good day, and I will accept all the good things out there in the universe just waiting to show me how perfect I am, just as I am, with all my flaws, (ahem) quirks.

    Don’t forget to let Max talk to you today. He will remind you that it’s all good. For now, my dogs are sleeping. If I get to the point where I can’t stand myself, I’ll wake them up. They never take it personally.

    Hugs and more hugs. Your are perfect, Judy-Judith!


  3. You are human. You are more than your profession but in your human moment you recognize that and call upon that training. After being up all day I’m surprised you have enough strength to post. Take care my sweet!


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