The Adventures of B & B, PARTS I & II

Therapeutic Creative Expression comes in MANY forms.

One of my favorite people, Cathy, sent me this 3 part story that is a superb example of her own Therapeutic Creative Expression for those who have entered their twilight years.  I have taken the liberty of titling each part and pointing out the morals that the author has cleverly alluded to but may not be aware of.

The Adventures of B and B

Part I

 by Cathy D.

What a surprise to see my own words while trolling Judy’s blog after midnight. This saga is loosely based on a real event when I shuttled three of my favorite little old ladies on a shopping trip. And yes, there was panty waving in the restaurant. Thanks, Judy, for your hilarious additions. Here’s the link to my blog:

Judy’s Title: Undercover Agents

Biddy* and Busybody* had been planning their shopping trip for weeks, and they were so excited when the day came. They were both desperately in need of new underwear.

Biddy wanted some sensible cotton briefs with a touch of lace—and she wouldn’t mind if the crotch had that new-fangled fabric claiming to wick away moisture. Busybody wanted something fancier—high cut hipsters or bikinis. She’d just had a facelift, after all. No reason why both ends couldn’t look good. Back in the day, she’d had a wardrobe of crotchless panties. Not anymore, though. They chafed.

They decided JC Penney had the best selection, so they headed out to the car. Biddy won the coin toss so she got to drive. Her 1990 Cadillac was the size of a small boat and would suffer less damage if she bumped someone, which had happened before. The lanes had become so dang tiny because so many folks were buying those foreign pieces of tin and calling ‘em cars. Not for her—American all the way!

Judy’s Moral:  You’ll never chafe in a Caddy if you use seat covers.

* * * * *

The Adventures of B. and B.

Part II

 by Cathy D.

Judy’s Title: Botox & Gas – Fuel for the Aged.

The friends settled into the Caddie’s comfy leather seats. That’s when Biddy noticed the gas gauge. Empty! She was horrified. Hadn’t she just filled the tank a couple of days before? The only place she’d gone was to visit her friend, Hortense, who’d just gotten injectable fillers and Botox enhancements. Boy, those new treatments could make you look 80 again almost instantly!

But what should she do about the empty gas tank? Busybody was becoming impatient. “Let’s go already,” she snipped. “We have to be back before dark and it’s almost noon.” Biddy contemplated the chances of making the mile-and-a-half trip to the mall on an empty tank. She decided to try.

Bravely, she turned the key. The gas gauge needle shot to full. She’d forgotten to turn on the car! Crisis averted, the friends made their way slowly to Penney’s. Fortunately, there weren’t many cars in the lot so Biddy took up two parking spaces. She liked to have plenty of room to open her car door.

Judy’s Moral:  Never drive on empty unless you don’t want to go.  

Tomorrow, The dénouement of the cliffhanger

  *The names have been changed to protect the Author.

(If Cathy, the author,  is willing to share she may let me know by giving me permission to give out the URL to her blog.  

If she isn’t willing to share please read this fast as I may have to remove it before she sues)

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