Vision Masks


Had a deeeeeeeeeelightful time with Stephanie Fermelia’s Heart Support Group at Hoag Hospital doing VISION Masks.

We ran out of time to fully process the collages (or even finish some).  Vision Masks are based on vision boards but can give you a lot more personal information on what you “Face in your Future“.

Here’s a sample.

Judy’s Vision Mask

I doodled on my mask with marking pens and just got a few images pasted down.  Here’s an example of how I might process my own mask.  I’ve not processed it prior and will do so as I type so you can see my processing.

As I look at the mask and pictures I just allow my imagination, my intuition speak without questioning or censoring.

  • Broccoli:  Mouth open ready to receive healthy nourishment in the coming months (probably because the only vegetable in my garden that produced was broccoli!)
  • Shopping bag/right ear:  I need to listen to myself to be able to fill my bag with what is right
  • Right ear: the 5 yellow triangle doodles point inward and the top one is open.  Not sure what this is.  Almost like “mouths” talking to me . . .
  • Nose filled with pictures of trees:  It’s the only opening I filled so I’ve “put my nose” on what I need – nature, outdoors.
  • Right eye – three dots:  Tears?  Tears for past, present future?  Tears for cleansing mind, body, soul?
  • Left eye 3 lines filled with dots:  Perhaps a flood of cleansing tears so that I can listen well.
  • Left Ear 2 large dots/flowers touching the lobe:  Stands for my physical heart, emotional heart and spiritual heart.

There’s more but the bigger VISION emerging for me is to pay attention to my senses – what my mind, body and soul are saying, needing and wanting.  However, I need to listen less to my physical symptoms/being and more to what nurtures and nourishes me.

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