S.O.S. Help me figure out how to give my stuff away!


( . . . no wise cracks please . . .)

Here’s “da Scoop”

  • I’ve been doing workshops for decades.  I’ve been a therapist for decades.  I have lots of “stuff” to share.
  • I don’t make money on my workshops.
  • I give away my Hypnotic Healing Recordings, instead of selling them, anyway.

Here’s “da Plan”

  • I want to give away on-line workshops, materials and  recordings, etc.  for free/donation.

Here’s “da dalema”

  • I can NOT figure out how to get the CD’s into MP3 format and workshop stuff up on the blog. (I’ve spent hours and hours trying)
  • I can NOT figure out how to get the SHOP into a site where you can download the give-aways.
  • Caprice DeLorm of  DeLorm Designs has created a Prestashop template and a “dummy site” as preliminary steps.  I’m grateful to Caprice for all the research and work she’s done to date. She’s not only blessed with know-how but incredible patience.  But I have no budget left to pay her to finish.  

I need:

  • Someone to volunteer to guide me  (someone with TREMENDOUS patience) how to do this.

Please let me know if you know of anyone who has the tech ability to help me figure out how to GIVE my stuff AWAY!

P.S. A genuine thank you for all you who inquired about how I was doing.

(I swear – my tongue is nowhere near my cheek).

After going back on the heart meds that I tried to stop (per doctor) I’m doing better but not back to normal – It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to aspire to be normal anyway.

The chest pain and WILD arrhythmias are gone.  But I’m exhausted.

Enough about me . . . How are YOU?

11 thoughts on “S.O.S. Help me figure out how to give my stuff away!

  1. well, you know I couldn’t help you since I am the world’s greatest idiot on all things technical. I volunteer Phylor (ha ha) because she is super smart and might know where to start or who to ask. (is it whom?) I don’t like that you are exhausted and that you are talking first person, not from Max or from Tallelulah; I find as a non-licensed therapist,( I only play one on tv ) somewhat disturbing. I miss you, YOU and YOU YOU, Judy and Judith, Max and Everyone. I miss you all dearly. Go on vacation? A Spa? We will follow you, all your friends if you need us. That is a promise. We will bring fish so you can write about them… Love, Laurie F.


    • Cathy,
      Even if I can figure out the MP3 downloads I can’t figure out how to get them up on the blog and I can’t put them up on the current blog because of certain technicalities so I have to get the new blog link working which even if I knew how to get it working which I don’t I have to get the “Store” up where everything can be downloaded from and even if I knew how to get the store up I have to know how to get the lead out of my pants and in order to get the lead out of my pants I have to get the fog out of my brain.
      P.S. by the way your blog does NOT have a subscription box — I keep looking .. .


  2. I have the CD’s you sent me on MP3 format….if you don’t I could send those to you.
    Stuart also said he will do a little research about the rest and see what he can come up with….he’s not sure right off hand, but he had some ideas.

    I’ll let you know what he discovers. : ) If he can help, he is extremely patient…he has to be he’s married to me!

    glad you are feeling better, but not “normal” Hey…do we know anyone who is normal? I think you might feel out of place if you were. : )


    • Dear Wendy,
      I so appreciate any feed back Stuart might have. I’m stuck.
      Hmmmmm, I will have to think . . . do I know anyone who is normal . . . .
      Please feel free to give the CD’s to anyone who would like them. My goal is to make ALL my recordings available to anyone for free or a small donation (which I figure I could use to pay someone to do the tech stuff!)


  3. Judy,
    Here’s what I would do and I have done it.

    Call the local community college and talk
    to the head of the computer department. Tell them what you want to do and they
    will get a student volunteer for you. I think I would call the University in Irvine first.

    Glad your feeling better. Take care.


  4. I don’t know about giving stuff away thru an on-line connection. But, one suggestion is to find out if a local women’s shelter has an art therapy program. That’s where I donated four boxes of crafty things, calligraphy stuff, stickers, etc. I know you do art therapy, but there might be some place like that who could use any art therapy materials you are trying to give away.
    Or, you could run a contest in which you give stuff as a prize. Of course, this creates money you need to spend.
    Same goes for your cds; there might be a charity or place that could use additional materials.
    Just some suggestions, but, of course, these have nothing to do with your call to find out how to put the material on line. As usual, I’m brambling away from the asked question. Good luck — I do have a name in mind which I can email you.


    • Lorraine,
      I’m not getting rid of my “stuff” I want to make it available to a larger audience. I confused several people with my post about “giving it away” and Miss Tallulah took it upon herself to write a clarification. If you hadn’t commented the clarification would have been long in coming and people would be throwing me a retirement party! (Which isn’t a bad idea, come to think about it. I should have a retirement party before I finally retire so I’ll be able to “understand” what’s happening)


      • oops! Sorry if it sounded like I thought you were retiring! I wasn’t thinking that at all! I read it as you were going to do some new projects, and wanted to create more space to begin to work on them!
        I guess I was so happy I could finally read your blog again, I got carried away! I think because I’m so much in the purge mode and being overwhelmed dealing with stuff for the last 2 years (what to keep, what to donate, what to sell, what to dump) that when someone says: for a wider audience, I think passing it along and sharing.
        As to the tech side of things, I am useless, so I have nothing to offer. Hubby knows a bit, But his is more about transposing his own music (written down or just by ear) onto the computer. If he has the time (which is scarse right now), I’ll see if he can do some research. He is really good at that.
        Good luck, and happy unretirement!


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