Santa Moan-a-ca

I’m in Santa Monica, CA.  teaching an Interactive Guided Imagery 4 day intensive with my friends and colleagues Daru Maer and David Bresler.  I’m only about 1 1/2 hours from where I live in South Orange County but since we work from 9 am to 6 pm every day I’m staying at the hotel where it’s being held.

Here are the MOAN-a-ca parts:

  • So far all I’ve done is work, eat and not sleep very well.  The first night away my body always protests sleeping in a strange bed.  
  • I’m so stuffed from eating 3 large meals a day that all I can do is moan. 
  • Daru fell “out of” the bath tube this morning (don’t ask, it’s a convoluted tale).  She’s ok but very sore.
  • Forgot my toothpaste
  • Forgot my camera charger and only got 2 pictures before it went kaput.
  • My heart has decided it’s time to practice arrhythmias to remind me to slow down.
  • Lost my reading glasses.
  • My computer won’t load photo’s because of hotel’s weird & slow internet access
Here are the SANTA parts:
  • A great group of students from all over the country – including Alaska – are in attendance.  
  • The food is delicious and I’m indulging myself.
  • Daru lent me a pair of glasses
  • You can get free chocolate chip cookies all day and evening at the front desk.
  • I don’t have to clean the bathroom or make the bed.
  • We got FREE vouchers for the all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast EVERY morning (the hotel messed up some room arrangements).  HOW CAN I NOT PASS UP A FREE BREAKFAST?
  • Daru and I laugh at each other a lot.
  • Hotel internet access is free.
Eight Santa’s and 8 Moan-a-ca’s,
so far so good!
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4 thoughts on “Santa Moan-a-ca

  1. I agree — free cookies is definitely a perk — I’d prefer plain oatmeal (no nuts or raisins or choco chips) — chocolate triggers a migraine — groan!
    Hope your “santas” outweigh your “moan-icas” when your seminar/workshop is finished.
    And, cheers to laughter!


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