Tradition or Creative Change – Does it matter to you?

Fight between heart, head
stay true to the ancient forms
or flow into now?

There’s “reflection” going on in Haiku land that mirrors a universal struggle – maintain  traditional forms or create change. Leo is the host of Haiku-Heights so it’s his call.  And he votes for preserving the traditional haiku form.  I respect that.

Here’s another point of view (mine, of course!)

I’m biased.  My life has been devoted to creative CHANGE.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

 Soren Kierkegaard  (Danish Philosopher and Theologian

I doubt if Freud would still be practicing “Freudian Therapy” or Shakespeare would be writing in iambic pentameter or use “thee” and “thou”.  I think Picasso would still be stretching the boundaries of paint and Henry Ford would be implanting computer chips in horses (well, maybe not horses – but you get the idea).

In YOUR life what do you preserve intact from the past

and what do you creatively change?

It’s not a frivolous question as it ultimately informs who we are and how we “do” life.

#151 – TRUE

6 thoughts on “Tradition or Creative Change – Does it matter to you?

  1. A very true question I thing every now and then I ask myself should i be free and let the wind take me to the destination or be affirm to my roots.. 🙂 my head might be raised into the sky but I hold to my roots 🙂

    Very well crafted Judy!


    • Judy, I agree with you..and being gifted by God I had begun the chains of haiku..but I went through many of my post and I found I had taken care that each one stood independently too..and you will find me writing like that..but then Leo is the one who was my first teacher for haiku and I learnt from I may continue to write independent haiku for HH..Your point is equally valid..thanks..!!!You inspire..


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