My Wedding Gift

sketch by Liz

I’ve never received  a wedding gift for someone else’s wedding, until now.  Liz’s poem and message fills me with love and want to share it with all of you.  This is what I received:

“So I’ll be married…again…in 7 days! I keep getting washed over by these waves of gratitude and you are a person who altered the course of my life and I love you so much for what you did for me. So I know you like poems and I wanted to share one with you. I wrote it a while ago but it has become a mantra of sorts. I hope you like it :)”

Glittering Sea

Oh peace, oh love
you surround me,
oh gratitude
you fill me inside

Each step that I take forward
Each step closer to divine

Each moment gets clearer, it sparkles
So bright that I close my eyes
Take each step with faith
that the next one will take
Take me just to the place where I’ll be

And in that moment I’ll sparkle
I’ll let go and I’ll be set free

knowing life is composed of these moments
an expansive
glittering sea

“Love you Judy! Hope you are well and filled with joy over all the lives you have touched and made better :)”



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