Cough it up

Dear All my best friends,

My Human is too tired to write a post tonight.  She stayed up with me all last night because I have a terrible cough.  She tried to sleep next to me on the floor but ended on the couch.  I sleep on the floor all the time so I don’t know what the big deal is with you humans needing all these cushy beds.

Me, sleeping on the floor

Me, sleeping on the floor

I only sleep on the bed so my Humans don’t think that I’m snobby and reject their lifestyle.  Humans are very sensitive.

Now I have to swallow these horse-pills before I get to eat.  I wonder if they give horses dog-pills?

Lickingly yours,



9 comments on “Cough it up

  1. AWW, Max, so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. That’s a doggie downer if I’ve ever heard one. It’s me, your friend Lexipro (ok, fine Lexi) from the East Coast. Sorry you have to swallow big pills, can’t your human mush them up and put them in your mushy food? (ask her). I’m still being a “devil dog” but basically it’s my age and humans are so inconsistent. It serves them right. Sending you lots of good healing hugs and barks and a big lick (i’m no scaredy dog) Love Lexi


  2. Dear Max,
    I’m still a puppy, the “human moms” call me Lexi or Lexipro. I don’t think I am very well behaved but at my age, I’m NOT supposed to be. I’m so sorry you are feeling poorly. Did you have to go to the guy or woman that my mom and dad call “Slick?” He’s an animal doctor but I like him because he gives me treats all the time. Feel better, I am waiting for your next post to hear how you are feeling. Love and a lick (I’m no scaredy dog) Love, your friend, Lexi


  3. Dear Max. So sorry that you are not feeling well, but there is no one who could take better care of you than your human aka Judy. Let her spoil you and take full advantage of it. I’ll never tell. They say “It’s a Dog’s Life” anyway. Might as well relax and enjoy it
    for what it’s worth. You’ll probably be feeling better in a few days anyway then you’ll be
    back to taking care of her…. LOL ;o) Much Love, Chris & Doug


  4. Oh Max…. I’m so sorry you’re feeling poorly! I will tell you that cushy beds are a very big deal to humans. Buster likes to sleep under my bed. He says he has a very good view of the room and a clearer field of fire should anyone invade our territory!!!!


    • Dear all my best friends,
      I AM feeling poorly. I don’t even want my treats. My throat is sore from so much coughing. My human’s think I have kennel cough because I sound just like the poor creatures in the internet videos who have kennel cough.
      (no licks because I might be contagious),


      • Dear Max, I have never been sick, but I did hurt my paw once and had to go to the vet. I hope you feel better soon and can get back to having some fun. I will eat your cookies if you don’t want them.


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