First Time Sick, by Max

Dear All my best friends,  especially those of you who wrote me:  Lexi-pro (that’s my human’s favorite doggie name of all time), Tootsie, Chris & Doug, Mo, Laurie F. Thank you for sending me such nice messages. 

My Sick Haiku, by Max

Horse-pills and honey

It’s the first time I’ve been sick

I don’t give a lick

I am getting a bit better.  I’m not coughing as much today.  It’s the third day of horse-pills.  I sound like I have  kennel cough.  But I’ve not been around a kennel in years and I have been vaccinated for kennel cough.  My cough is terrible sounding, even worse than the video.  But that’s probably because I am a natural baritone.

My Human and I haven’t slept in 3 nights cuz my coughing is so loud it keeps us awake.  I’ve been sleeping on the floor. When I cough I have to walk around to find a place to cough up stuff.  I never cough up anything though.

This is how  BAAAAAD I feel – I don’t want to eat anything that is hard, EVEN my favorite cookies, because it irritates my throat.

I get bowls of warm chicken soup with bits of fresh cooked chicken and brown rice.  At first I was suspicious . . . maybe it’s horse-soup to go with the horse-pill . . . Maybe tonight I’ll have a matzoh ball in it.

I also get teaspoons of honey & coconut oil.  My human thinks everything is better with sugar.  It tastes real good but doesn’t help my coughing.

I got a 20 minute steam bath too.  

Now I have to figure out how to continue getting chicken soup, honey, steam baths and lots of  attention after my cough is gone . . .

 I can’t send you licks or sniffs because I might be contagious.


P.S. I wouldn’t allow my human to take my picture because when I’m sick I don’t look my best.

“Dogs “catch” kennel cough when they inhale bacteria or virus particles into their respiratory tract. This tract is normally lined with a coating of mucus that traps infectious particles, but there are a number of factors that can weaken this protection and make dogs prone to kennel cough infection, which results in inflammation of the larynx (voice box) and trachea (windpipe).”

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14 thoughts on “First Time Sick, by Max

  1. Poor Max, I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. I too have had a cough for a while, and it kept me up all night. Today is a bad day…I do not do well without sleep. I hope you can get some sleep, and enjoy the chicken soup.
    Do the doctor’s know what is causing your cough?

    Don’t forger, humans have a huge weakness when it comes to their small furry loved ones. Let her take care of you, it will help her to feel better if she feels she is helping you.
    (yes that means you can have chicken soup, and chicken pieces, honey….and all kinds of special treatment)

    I hope you feel better soon, and will be up playing again in not time!

    your kitty friend Max just told me to send you purring sounds to soothe you.

    get well wishes.


  2. Max…your human is so nice and affectionate…what care.. so sweet of her..and that’s what is going to help you get well soon…and no medicines..won’t be necessary… do one thing…have a good night’s sleep that your human too will rest… very important na…and after three nights she deserves it..

    I loved this post and so many sweet comments from the friends of you..You are lucky Max.. . lick me if you wish..I am immune..and anything given with such pure love cannot be contagious..I know it.. God bless..


  3. Dear Max,
    I sure hope THIS message went through cuz I am having a TUFF time trying to post a comment. First, I really hope you feel better, besides NO Human or US should ever sleep on the floor. That’s nasty. Train your human BETTER and fast. You should be sleeping on a bed or sofa, tell her it’s better for your (cough cough) kennel cough. That said, when you are all better, just give her those loving looks like you can do with ease. That will say to her “Human Mama, THANK YOU for saving me and please continue to keep saving me with those delicious treats.” Insist on the matzah ball for your soup because really chicken soup without a mazah ball or two is really just broth..B O R I N G. Let me know how you are doing. Love and anti-bacterial hugs, Lexi-Pro


    • Dear Lexi-pro,
      I prefer the floor cushion – because when I get on the bed I have to keep jumping down when I start coughing. And it’s too exhausting. Up and down, up and down all night.

      Right now my Human is cooking a big chicken in a pot just for me. I have started working on the matzoh-ball-plan by not eating dinner tonight. She tried to fool me by putting some of my regular dog food (yetch) in the chicken soup. She forgets I can smell dog food a mile away. Humans are cute but not very smart.


      • Max, I hope you did not EAT that horrid concoction your human tried to make you eat with the yucky food that is meant for non-humans. WHAT was she thinking? Stick to the real thing, rest on the floor, as long as it is carpeted and definitely give those adorable brown eyed looks for the honey and special treats. Let your friends know how you are doing. Love, Lexi-Pro


  4. Dear Max,
    if you play your cards right and give your human grateful looks, she may give you chicken soup (beg for the matzah ball) and honey long after you are well. Those humans, especially the mom kind are so emotional that they will continue to give you what you what JUST because you feel better. Trust me. I know. Love and anti-bacterial hugs, Lexi-Pro


    • Dear Lexi-pro,
      You are one smart pup. I didn’t figure out how emotional my human was until I was a young tyke. I have been practicing the woe-be-gone look because it did get me some honey. It helps that I have big brown eyes of course.


  5. Oh, poor Max, I sometimes have a bad cough and Licorice Pastilles, made by St. Claire’s Organics really “stiffle” the cough….but they need to dissolve in the mouth…probably wouldn’t work for you, Max….but, it might be worth a try for your human to give you some very chewy licorice. Just a thought!


      • Sorry to read that you are sick! Sounds like you (and your human) are having a rough time.
        As to the continuance (spelling) of the honey and soup — practice a sad, I need special treatment look (perhaps add a slight coughing sound) and you will soon have your human trained to bring you those treats.
        Sending healing (((((hugs))))) to you and your human!


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