Heart Matters

Dear All My Best Friends,

I don’t have kennel cough.   My cough, it seems, is heart related.  Went to my Vet today and he gave me heart medication and said my coughing should be better in about 3 days.   My humans are a bit upset. I just hope that they don’t get my heart medication mixed up with theirs.

Lickingly LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL yours, (I’m not contagious!)


9 thoughts on “Heart Matters

  1. Dear Max,
    I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up to date on everyone recently, but you have been in my thoughts.
    I’m glad they found out what is wrong. I hope the medication helps you feel better and better! We miss your peppy self.
    But don’t rush it, relax, take it easy, and sleep a lot. I hear sleep is very good, and not getting enough is very bad……you know I think your human passed that knowledge along.

    Cuddles to you my friend.
    Max the cat is relieved you are feeling better too.


  2. Max,
    it just didn’t FEEL right for you to have kennel cough, so I am glad that they know for sure what it is from. (Humans, sheesh) I bet if you look at your human like you do in that handsome photo you posted you will still get honey and treats. I’m sure your human is upset, it’s just because she loves you. Trust me, I know. Hope your cough is all better, let us know. Love Lexi-Pro and her human, Laurie


    • Dear my pal Lexi-pro,
      The bad news: My cough is better so I’m not getting honey. The worst news: My human bought some cookies made out of fish and spinach – no sugar, no salt, no nothing. Cookie treats are suppose to be tasty not healthy.


      • Dear my best friend Lorraine,
        I am feeling better thank you. I don’t like to walk like I use to when I was younger. I am 91 years old you know. Is that a picture of you? I didn’t know you were a squirrel. I like squirrels.


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