• Did you miss me?  tech NO!
  • Did you know that no one could access this blog for two days? tech NO!
  • Did I know no one could access the blog?  tech NO!
  • Did I know what I was doing when I tried to change the URL and than changed my mind?  tech NO!
  • Did I figure it out when I saw there were only 4 visitors in two days? tech NO!

I am the epitome of right brain dominance.  As a matter of fact my left brain is probably the size of a shriveled pea.  The way I learn how to do “things” on the computer is trial and error.  Kinda like throwing darts at the various buttons, watching what happens or doesn’t happen.

There is NO way I can follow the manuals and books (I have shelves of them).  I figured out why.  They were all written by left-brained people whose right brains are the size of a shiriveled pea.

Caprice de Lorm to the rescue!!!  Caprice is the epitome of both sides of her brain working at full throttle!  Here’s proof:

de Lorm Designs specialize in providing out of the box marketing solutions. 

Services include business planning, strategy development, campaign management, collateral creation, content writing and/or editing, training development, and presentation creation. 

In addition, de Lorm Designs creates websites logos, business cards, postcards and brochures, stationery, and other forms of marketing collateral for clients all over the country.   She also authors articles for online and print publications and edit photos and images. 

Check out her site for testimonials, samples and more information here:

Caprice de Lorm

949-586 -3282

Caprice you’re the best!  Thank you for getting Max’s blog back up!

Caprice will never be out of business as long as Judy has a dart- blog . . .

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