Going for Gold in Power Napping

Watching the Olympics these last few days I marvel at the stamina of the athletes.

As a youngster I thought I wasn’t very athletic:  When I played soccer I would get exhausted running up and down the field;  When I was on the swim team the workouts were excruciating, sleeping for hours afterwards;  I hated doing calisthenics, my muscles hurting for days;  The impact of the volley ball hurt my hands so much I dreaded having to serve.

In high school I got out of physical education by playing the violin (badly) in orchestra.  Even then, holding the violin under my chin hurt.

I just thought I didn’t have the “right stuff”.

In retrospect I am sure that I had fibromyalgia symptoms as a child.

These days I am extremely fatigued – read exhausted – without running up and down any field or swimming laps. Fibromyalgia may have stopped me from becoming a world-class athlete but it’s helped me discover I do have the “right stuff” – I’ve become a world-class power-napper and I never tire practicing.

14 thoughts on “Going for Gold in Power Napping

  1. can’t do the sprint power nap, but am working on the 10,000 meter (oops, I mean minutes) event. Those runners got nothing on me — they do it in minutes — I do it in hours!


        1. Becca,
          I think we have the best chance doing Synchronized Power Napping. First we have to get the same mattress and the same nightie. Meet me at the Mall. (after the first practice session, of course).


  2. Napping as an Olympic sport? Love that! If golf is in the running, why not nappers?

    After my heart attack, I had to teach myself how to deliberately nap (as opposed to drifting off to sleep during a conversation). Now I plan a nap between outings, just the right environment (curtains drawn, my favourite quilt, radio softly on in the background). I’m never aware of falling asleep – just that delicious head bob and jerk when awaking, and realizing by the clock that I’ve been out for a blissful 30 minutes! 🙂

    Did you know that some companies (Google, Nike) have “nap pods” at the office for their employees to have a little lie-down mid-day? http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/10_36/b4193084949626.htm


  3. I seem to get tired around 2. I wish I could power nap… I tend to Sleep for a couple of hours!!! If I sleep for 20-30 minutes I am in never-never land when I get up. Lucky you to be able to power nap!!


    1. Rosemary,
      Actually I have to set a timer to wake me up – otherwise I will sleep for 2-3 hours too. The problem is that whether I sleep for 20 minutes 2 hours or 2 days I still am exhausted.


  4. Naps are very important to me, but no power naps. I generally sleep for an hour and a half or if I have had a rough night (what night itsn’t rough) three hours. Napping is delicious. My daughter thinks it’s a colossal waste of time, but I never had a problem with it, even way back when, when I was young and healthy. Here’s to napping power!!! Love, Laurie Fishler


    1. Laurie,
      I set a kitchen timer to wake in 20 – 30 minutes so I know when to fall back asleep for another hour or two. That way I get 2 naps in one.
      Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrretty clever of me, huh?


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