Going for Gold in Power Napping

Watching the Olympics these last few days I marvel at the stamina of the athletes.

As a youngster I thought I wasn’t very athletic:  When I played soccer I would get exhausted running up and down the field;  When I was on the swim team the workouts were excruciating, sleeping for hours afterwards;  I hated doing calisthenics, my muscles hurting for days;  The impact of the volley ball hurt my hands so much I dreaded having to serve.

In high school I got out of physical education by playing the violin (badly) in orchestra.  Even then, holding the violin under my chin hurt.

I just thought I didn’t have the “right stuff”.

In retrospect I am sure that I had fibromyalgia symptoms as a child.

These days I am extremely fatigued – read exhausted – without running up and down any field or swimming laps. Fibromyalgia may have stopped me from becoming a world-class athlete but it’s helped me discover I do have the “right stuff” – I’ve become a world-class power-napper and I never tire practicing.

14 thoughts on “Going for Gold in Power Napping

  1. can’t do the sprint power nap, but am working on the 10,000 meter (oops, I mean minutes) event. Those runners got nothing on me — they do it in minutes — I do it in hours!


  2. Napping as an Olympic sport? Love that! If golf is in the running, why not nappers?

    After my heart attack, I had to teach myself how to deliberately nap (as opposed to drifting off to sleep during a conversation). Now I plan a nap between outings, just the right environment (curtains drawn, my favourite quilt, radio softly on in the background). I’m never aware of falling asleep – just that delicious head bob and jerk when awaking, and realizing by the clock that I’ve been out for a blissful 30 minutes! 🙂

    Did you know that some companies (Google, Nike) have “nap pods” at the office for their employees to have a little lie-down mid-day? http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/10_36/b4193084949626.htm


  3. I seem to get tired around 2. I wish I could power nap… I tend to Sleep for a couple of hours!!! If I sleep for 20-30 minutes I am in never-never land when I get up. Lucky you to be able to power nap!!


  4. Naps are very important to me, but no power naps. I generally sleep for an hour and a half or if I have had a rough night (what night itsn’t rough) three hours. Napping is delicious. My daughter thinks it’s a colossal waste of time, but I never had a problem with it, even way back when, when I was young and healthy. Here’s to napping power!!! Love, Laurie Fishler


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