Like Human Like Dog

Dear all my best friends,

My Human thinks that her “fish” posts drive up the hits on my blog.  Well, I’m here to tell you I have the biggest fan base of all.  I get the most comments too.  And now that I’m feeling a bit better I’m going to keep pointing that out to her.  She needs lots of repetition.  (she’s cute but not too bright.  I’ve been training her for years and I’m here to tell you she’s a bit slooooooooooooow).

I think I caught a heart problem from my Human.  She insists it’s not contagious.  I have to take heart medication for the rest of my life.  Otherwise I start coughing.  It’s a bit hard for me to take my Human for walks.  I get pretty tired.  So far she seems ok with short walks.  She’s getting old and slowing down too.

Here’s a picture my human is making on the sewing machine.  She said not to show anyone until it’s finished but I’m doing it anyway.  She takes FOREVER to finish things and forever is a very long time.  (Don’t tell her I showed you).

My secret not-finished portrait

I think my human may be color-blind.

Lickingly yours,




15 thoughts on “Like Human Like Dog

  1. Max — glad to read that you are on the road to recovery and that you are able to write tons of fun, breezy, and informative comments.
    Unfortunately, Mango has been a bit under the weather himself and isn’t able to comment at this point (he’s been whimpering so I’ve been giving him extra scratches when he’s out). However, I hope to include a picture of him smiling again soon. Unfortunately, I’m not as artistically talented as your human, so I take photos. Hope that’s okay by you!
    PS: In order to help with my cognitive issues, I now get your blog as a weekly digest. So, once a week, I pick a blog or two to read and comment on.
    Haven’t forgotten you — think of you often and am still working on a surprise for you (oops — now it’s no longer a surprise!).
    Take good care, and say hi to your human for me.


  2. I loved it..and lovely art that on the sewing Machine… Max chck your thoughts..had she been colour blind she won’t be giving colours of happiness to so many people blind towards their own potential… she won’t be able to write haiku on flowers and rainbows..



  3. Dear Max, couldn’t you have inherited something better, like roast beef, from your human? Did you have to go with the heart thing, I mean THAT’S kind of obvious. Well, I’m sorry to hear that but make sure your human gives you medicine in good food. My human told me about a movie called Mary Poppins where they give medicine with a spoonful of sugar–perhaps you can get it with honey!!! I hope you and your human feel better, I have to say I think your human is very artistic and creative (but don’t tell her I said that.) My human can’t do any of those things but she does let me nap on the bed sometimes…..Love and Kisses, Lexi- Pro


    • Dear my best pal Lexi-pro,
      You are RIGHT! Roast beef! I’m going to see if I can inherit roast beef instead.

      My human is giving me deeeeeeeelicious food. I get chicken and rice that she cooks with some pumpkin for dessert. I am not allowed to have salt. My human gave away ALL my dog cookies because there is salt in them. I was not happy.
      Ps. I won’t tell my human you said she’s creative. She’s already too full of humanness as it is.


        • My BEst Pal Lexi-Pro,
          Yup, gave ’em all away. I don’t know where they went. All I know is the only treats I’m getting now are cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and these dog biscuits made from FISH. I only eat them when I’m desperate but when I get my fill I leave them on the floor. Dog cookies I never left on the floor.
          P.S. I kinda like the broccoli (Don’t tell her I said that)


            • Dear my best pal Lexi-pro
              My human screens my mail. She’s checking EVERYTHING for salt. Do you know how bland everything tastes without salt! Now I know why there are salt licks.


              • Dude, I’m really feeling you, man. Your human seems out of control, I mean, what’s one bite of a cookie, right? Sorry you are on the bland diet, my human says it’s good for you and your human (but she is just trying to be nice.) let me know if I can help you in any way. Love, your best friend, Lexi-Pro


                • Lexi-Pro,
                  I don’t often defend human’s who have limited capabilities BUT my human is trying to keep me alive. I have the equivalent of congestive heart failure and my doctor told her I needed a salt free diet. I do get to lick out an icecream dish once in a while.
                  Getting old is a bummer. I am 91 you know.


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