What You Wear is Who You Are!

Iris Apel

Jan asked me after my last post Green Bananas if I thought the women were making a spectacle of themselves.  Great question.

I hope so!  It’s creative expression at its most courageous – using personality as our muse and our bodies as our canvas.

Anyone who has that kind of courage,  to step out of the box and express themselves,  I may not imitate but I do celebrate.


Be the hit of your own show

God’s stars all. Shine on!

Color, texture, pattern – it’s all around.  Take a look:

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10 thoughts on “What You Wear is Who You Are!

  1. When I had the body to wear more form fitting clothes, I didn’t have the confidence (My mother, without trying, had the figure and stature of a model — even at my thinnest, I never had a tiny enough waist to wear her clothes). Now, I have the confidence to wear a bikini, but not the body, lol. Though, the veiner the legs, the shorter the shorts!
    At the very least, I put on my funky jewelry everyday — it makes me feel like I’ve “tried” to put on something other than, lately, my pregnant tummy clothes and before that I at least got out of bed, lol.
    What’s great is now age and clothes have so little to do with each other. I remember my grandmother when she was not much older than I am now dressing like the Queen Mum (her idol) and looking older than she was. I have a friend who is close to 70 and while she doesn’t try to look 30 or 40, she also doesn’t wear “old lady” clothes! (Neither does her mother who is close to 90!) And, now — what are old lady clothes anyways?


  2. Fantastic reponse to Jan’s concern. Personally, I love the spunky attitude of the women featured in the Advanced Style film. They truly seemed unconcerned about others’ opinion and were choosing what they wear precisely to please themselves, not others’ expectations, didn’t they? Also, you can tell with just one glance that these women look perfectly comfortable – maybe not what your or my idea of “comfort” might be (no baggy sweatsuits among them!) They look MORE than comfortable, in fact. They looked radiant! They looked like the kind of feisty women I like to hang out with, no matter what their age.

    My hunch is that these women have loved fashion from an early age – “dressing up” was likely a fun part of their whole life. These are truly women who don’t care about what others think (an affliction that does seem prevalent as we age – for SOME OF US! After watching this video – I’m re-inspired to NOT give a flying fig! ) Love your photos here, too, by the way! 🙂

    Now where’s my hat . . . ?


    • Well, Carolyn and Judy, you have given me a lot to think about……and my “concern for comfort” may just be timidity/laziness….growing up an ugly duckling with a beautiful Mother, I never wanted to call attention to myself….perhaps it is time to “blossom”…..maybe a flying fig blossom! Love Max and your column, Judy….and this slide show of gorgeous nature! Blessings…..


      • Jan,
        I have actually become a bit sloppy in my “advanced years” with MY concern for comfort too. I think that all of us “ugly ducklings” spend our lives UNCONSCIOUSLY trying to find safety by camouflaging ourselves among the brambles. That’s why I so admire others who are able to fly.


        • I agree! Here’s a typical weekend morning lately: go to the gym at 7 a.m. Stay in my grotty sweats afterwards because

          (a) I might be washing the car at some point today so will get changed after that, or

          (b) I’m too tired right now so will just relax and finish reading the paper and change after that, or

          (c) I’m just going to quickly pick up a few groceries – and change IMMEDIATELY after that.

          Before you know it, it’s dinnertime and I’ve been OUT IN PUBLIC way too many times looking like death warmed over and hoping I don’t run into anybody we know!

          This must stop…

          PS I forwarded this link to my girlfriends. One told me this morning that she’d spotted her next door neighbour (to whom she had in turn forwarded it) out working in the garden wearing bright turquoise capris and a lovely matching necklace! Gardening! !!


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