“Dare to Live”: Painting Process

Everyone approaches creativity in unique ways – remember!  There’s no right or wrong.

Therese Lydia Josef is an artist I “tripped over” (literally and figuratively) in the blog-o-sphere.  I love her use of strong color.  Take a look at how she layers color, collages right on the canvas and creates wonderfully vibrant paintings.

DARE TO LIVE is the title of Therese Lydia Josef’s new body of figurative abstract work. In this video she shows her entire mixed media process of 4 paintings: from drawing to collage to painting. The paintings feature 4 ladies each unique in personality and expression.

Check out her blog http://therese-joseph.blogspot.com/and her list of 30 reasons to celebrate her 30’th anniversary!

Here’s a sample!

“If I ask him to cook – he takes me out for dinner”

“I still beat him in most card games and I like it because he hates it.”


2 thoughts on ““Dare to Live”: Painting Process

  1. This is something I must check out on several levels! Art of course but the 30 year thing is intriguing. Now hubby, then to be partner and I met on Victoria Day weekend (how Canadian) in May 1982 — love at first sight — I can remember every detail of that evening (but can’t remember chunks of our wedding 13 year later (in a court with a justice of the peace before we were hauled off to jail, lol) from what we bought wore, to what was for supper — including my incredible zucchinni loaf, croquet and drinks afterwards, a note I left for hubby on the kitchen table — I had to leave early to go to a work meeting. It gets fuzzy who asked who out next (I remember our first couple of “dates” perfectly too, usually we brought someone else — a friend — along, and it took a few months til we were spending a lot of time together, but for me, even more than May 9, Victoria Day is the day. Now, for his b’day it would be great to do a 30 things — for our first shared b’days, I gave him a book I made of photos I taken, and verses I’d written — think the edge might be a bit less fuzzy romantic after 30 years, but ya never know!
    Sorry to go on so. Today was perhaps the strangest day I’ve had so far in my life and I’m still trying to figure out what it was trying to tell me — it hit me over the head, but I still didn’t quite get the message, sigh.


    • oops, should be may 5 (day after my dad’s bday in honour of him). told you it was a strange day. I forget what the dates would have been for Victoria Day that year — shows my memory is slipping.
      oh well — at least your artist friend will get some hits from me to her page!


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