Advanced Style – Putting my best feet forward

Happy pair of feet;

ah, it feels so very nice

to be on the ground . . .

by Ramesh Sood


I received a surprise package today from my brother Rick and sister-in-law Sheila.  They are the best! completely supporting my new devil-may-care advanced style make-over.

After getting my slippers Carolyn Thomas’ comment on The “Advanced Style” posts immediately came to mind.

“P.S. I forwarded this link to my girlfriends. One told me this morning that she’d spotted her next door neighbour (to whom she had in turn forwarded it) out working in the garden wearing bright turquoise capris and a lovely matching necklace! Gardening! !!”

Inspiration to add some accoutrements to my new bedroom slippers! So! I’ve found some advanced style accessories to wear with my bedroom slippers so I project my own personality when I go out to pick up the morning newspaper in my night shirt & slippers.

Now I definitely need to get some new night shirts and maybe some sheets and pillow cases to match.  I may even paint the bedroom something more in keeping with my ADVANCED STYLE and get some new sparkly lamps for the night stands and a rug to match and then put in a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom so I can wash my feet properly before putting on my slippers but first the bathroom will have to be enlarged to accommodate a bathtub . . . Gotta go now and google jacuzzi bathtubs  . . . stay tuned . .


7 comments on “Advanced Style – Putting my best feet forward

  1. judy, here’s to your slippers….

    here’s to more style
    from the streets of Manhattan
    to your happy feet:)

    on the street, bill cunningham
    can’t remember if i posted this before.

    usually every weekend on nytimes online front page.
    if you haven’t, watch the documentary of him. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


  2. So beautiful…I think I should forward the link ot his post, Judy, to some of my friends who would like to adopt this advanced style..liked it..

    Happy pair of feet;
    ah, it feels so very nice
    to be on the ground…


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