Catch-up Creations

Must cheer myself on

Rendered tired and uninspired

“Do it anyway”

Haiku-Heights has a Haiku-a-day-Challenge for September.

Initially I wasn’t going to do the challenge as my Fibro has rendered me rather “tired” and uninspired. But I decided that haiku’s, being only 3 lines long, will take a minimum of thinking (as is evidenced by My haikus . . .) and keep my thumb in the blog-pie and creativity.

The Haiku-Heights word prompts-for-the-day are in bold colors.  (I “cheated” a bit and combined more than one day’s prompt in a couple of haiku . . . to catch up)

– – – – –

Elvis Presley lives

“Love me tender love me sweet”

Render me speechless . . .

_ _ _ _ _

The Milkyway,

long ago when I was young,

paved a path for cows

_ _ _ _ _

Through a prism seen

The color of  loneliness

changes as we age

_ _ _ _ _

Over Autumn Moon 

Drawbridge of our life

Walk into Winter

22 comments on “Catch-up Creations

  1. Did you say Haiku
    I start today with my pen
    with seventeen sounds

    I remember him
    in bobbie socks and full skirts
    oh those lips and eyes

    Sixto Rodriguez
    have fallen in love again
    sugar man street boy


  2. Brilliant..I loved all…and you are writing haiku with agility..that makes my day…Judy…I started HH Challenge with one on Eleph and Ant only to remember how we met on HH… wrote just one…with drawbridge prompt..hope you saw it..



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