Dear all my best friends,

Exhausted from writing all those Maxaiku responses

I found all your comments quite inspiring and I responded to everyone in Maxaiku.   Writing all those Maxaiku left me a bit tired so I made my human write today’s prompt “pepper”.  

Speaking of pepper – when I first adopted my Humans I started training them immediately.  

They had this inexplicable attachment to things like bed comforters, sofas and shoes.  As you know, THINGS are not what is important in life.  

So their first training lesson was to break them of the bad habit of coveting.  

I chewed up their “things”.  My Humans, in a vain attempt to dissuade me, sprayed cayenne pepper on everything.  It was delicious.

* * *

Love or hate on tongue

taste buds of our perception

chili pepper us

* * *

Love, the spice of life

God peppers while we simmer

very tasty treat

13 thoughts on “Pepper

  1. Dear Max,
    Life is all a series of lessons. I keep telling my human that (along with begging her for more food.) What is important is our HEALTH she knows that and has always known that but I’m tired of hearing about it. Sniff Sniff. Now she is adding emotional and spiritual health to the mix as well. I would have preferred mushy dog food. Love, your friend, Lexi-Pro


    • Dear Lexi-Pro,
      My human feeds me lotsa love – she says that’s both spiritual & emotional health. I kinda like it because it’s always available whereas the mushy dog food only comes twice a day. You’re still healthy, young and strong. When you’re my age you’ll understand better. But I hear you . . .



  2. Oh, Max… Here you were trying to teach those naughty humans an important life lesson, and what do they do? Cayenne pepper! I’m so glad you found it delicious. P.S. Tell your human that the haiku is delicious too, especially the first one.


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