Grass is not always green & DIY

THIS is green grass

’60’s grass not green
could put you out to pasture
and/or make you smile

a snake in the grass

discovers she’s all she needs

true do-it-yourself

by Ker Than for National Geographic News

“Virgin birth” among animals may not be a rare, last-resort, save-the-species stopgap after all.

For the first time, animal mothers, specifically pit vipers, have been discovered spawning fatherless offspring in the wild. More to the point, the snakes did so even when perfectly good males were around.

Among vertebrate animals that normally reproduce sexually, virgin birth, or “parthenogenesis,” had been observed in only captive female snakes, Komodo dragonsbirds, and sharks.

Until now its been considered an evolutionary novelty, albeit one that made a sort of sense—a way for a bloodline to continue in the absence of suitable father.”

“You’re Safe for Now, Men”

“A virgin birth occurs when a polar body—a cell produced along with the egg—essentially functions like a sperm and “fertilizes” the egg.

As a result, the DNA of a virgin-birth offspring, or “parthenogen,” doesn’t perfectly match that of its parent—the offspring is a sort of half clone.

So far, parthenogenesis has only been observed among sharks, reptiles, and birds (which are closely related to reptiles). Mammals aren’t thought to be capable of parthenogenesis, because their reproduction requires copies of genes from both parents.

“So no human parthenogenesis anytime soon,” said Stony Brook University marine biologist Demian Chapman, who discovered virgin birth among blacktip sharks.”

“We’ll leave that to the snakes, birds, and sharks.”

Read the whole article!  Click here. Fascinating!

14 thoughts on “Grass is not always green & DIY

  1. hummmm……and so many women think they need a man.

    I read the title of this and laughed, because we lived in an apartment complex when we were first married, and there was a drought, so no watering the grass…so it was brown.
    They spray painted it! I swear they did! And put up a sign that the grass was always greener there.
    But it did make me laugh…and laugh….and then just shake my head and Moan!


  2. The haiku made me chuckle. As for the virgin birth… it has its appeal, but I’d prefer the gestation scheme of the seahorse, where the male incubates the eggs. Sounds like a plan to me! Let him get the fat ankles and backache.


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