The Heart of the Battle

Humph! She can be so melodramatic . . .

Unseen forces aim

at the fortress of my heart

 no place now to hide

Judy’s Heart Series, mixed media
No Place to Hide

Unseen forces know

not possible to retreat

or even play dead

Judy’s Heart series, Mixed Media
No Place to Play Dead

Unseen forces rip

the white flag of surrender

blowing in my mind

Judy’s Heart Series, Acrylic
White Flag of Surrender

22 comments on “The Heart of the Battle

  1. Judy…I don’t know why but I felt sad…. may you keep dancing to the beats of your heart..and continue to create new music with words….hopes,shine when wishes merge with love and take a flight to reach seven seas across…

    God bless…



  2. “not possible to retreat” and “the white flag of surrender” these are brand new things for you, heartbreaking and encouraging in some way. I love the last picture for it’s raw emotion. My first raw emotion was to cry but they don’t call me junior for nothing. Healing vibes and gentle hugs sent your way. Love Laurie F. aka Peachy The Fraudulent Daughter (we gave the lovely Carolyn Thomas quite a laugh)


    • Laurie my dearest Peachyness,

      Hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it but they are heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time. I shall think more on your observation.
      I do have a “dark” side. I should get my Fibro presentation up on the blog (it’s powerpoint and I don’t quite know how to do the techy stuff) for a peek at my pathos.
      with love,
      P.S. Maybe Carolyn would adopt us both? Then You can be my sister-daughter and I could be Carolyn’s grandma-daughter.


      • We’re connected, however way you want to explain it. Everyone has a dark side. Some can cover it up better than others. Me? I wear my heart (sisters) on my sleeve but I’m fine with that. It’s who I am. That was the first thing that came to me when I read what you wrote and one other person picked up the sadness as well. To me, it was in neon lights, blinking. All will be well. Love Peachy, Jr.


        • Peachy Keen Laurie F,
          When I reread and think about it: It feels more like exhausted resignation to the defeat rather than sadness. Undoubtedly reflecting the exhaustion I’ve felt and having no option other than submitting to the fatigue rather than struggling to push through it. Right now I’m wearing my feelings on my pajama sleeve.
          I’ll think about processing the haiku and pictures more but right now I’m too tired!


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