It’s Time to be Free

FREE at last, It’s TIME.
Need to shout I’m haiku’d out!
FINALLY time to rhyme

(with apologies to all my Haiku friends for being so “free” with the form this month!  I just can’t help myself . . not that I’ve tried . . .)

I’ve enjoyed immensely reading your creations . . .  Thank you for the inspirations. Haiku-on!)

Humph. I TOLD you she’s melodramatic . . .

20 thoughts on “It’s Time to be Free

  1. glad to hear you’ve seen the light
    and decided to give up the haiku fight
    as you know, I can’t haiku
    about the scematic I haven’t a clue
    so here’s to poetry that rhymes
    and all those poetic times.
    And, if anyone can solve a dilema
    you and Max couldn’t be better.
    age old question that all wil ponder
    what the h**l rythmes with orange.

    This must be a record for the # of times over the last 2 weeks I read your blog and commented — not always successfully or coherently — but I’ve tried.


  2. good shot..I enjoyed..:)

    Was under the clutches of Viral fever and I scribbled the last haiku within minutes ( I know its very very bad)I just wanted to complete this challenge …
    Many thanks for being a part of this amazing journey of HAIKU SEPTEMBER HEIGHTS…being a novice I tried to put in my best but I know at some or the other point I missed to hit the bull’s eye and still all of you all inspired me a lot either by peeping into my space or liking my posts and of course your ever encouraging comments made me feel on the top of the world…Loads of special thanks to each one of you…September had been very exciting and a learning month for me…I know I need to improvise a lot and I shall try to do that for sure …Thanks a lot once again…keep visiting and keep spilling your beans ..bouquets or brickbats all of them are accepted whole heartedly…


  3. It has been great fun though hasn’t it! I’ve enjoyed visiting you for your often original and joyful takes on the prompts and thank you for your visits and encouragement on mine!


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