Hallucinate Colors with Hypnosis

As a hypnotherapist AND an art dilettante I was fascinated by this article!  Sometimes just before I go to bed I can see swirling colors, predominately purple, like a lava lamp in my minds eye.  Maybe I’ve hypnotized myself!  Have you ever had similar experiences (barring hallucinogenic, which I know NONE of you have every had)?

To read the entire article click on the title:

People can hallucinate colors just with the power of suggestion, a new study says.

by Christine Dell’Amore
National Geographic News

The new study found that all the subjects who were easily hypnotized reported seeing a range of colors even while not under hypnosis, McGeown said.

The scientists didn’t just take their word for it—MRI scans showed that the parts of the subjects’ brains linked to color perception lit up when they saw the imaginary hues.

“We can see changes in these color-sensitive regions of their brains, which they have no way of faking,” said McGeown, who published the study with colleagues in the December issue of the journal Consciousness and Cognition.

Brain Scans Back Up Results

The new study also found that being under hypnosis enhanced color hallucination in susceptible subjects. But those who were not susceptible to hypnosis could not hallucinate color with or without hypnosis.

Mere Suggestions May Help Phobias, Pain

Ultimately, the hallucination research may help medical professionals who use hypnosis to treat a range of conditions, from phobias to pain, McGeown noted.

That’s because, despite its medical use, many people are fearful of the procedure.

The new research shows that suggestion can be almost as powerful a tool, which means there may be a less intimidating alternative for people fearful of hypnosis, he said.

“Psychological therapies which consist of making suggestions to a patient—even in the absence of hypnosis—may help with their problem substantially.”

4 comments on “Hallucinate Colors with Hypnosis

  1. I use colours to represent things — like migraines, etc. Then I can see the colours clearly, and use them to help with pain, etc.
    When I’m going off some drugs (or haven’t taken due to migraine — I start to see images when I close my eyes — this can last for days, and ofen I have trouble sleeping. Never been hypnotised, but for me, perhaps it’s healing. Very interesting article!
    Like Rick — sunshine can bring colours that, as Laurie says, swirl and dance. I have a lot of “floaters” in my eyes, so they create a moving “art work.”


  2. aloha Judy – color is always fun (imo) – okay, almost always. it’s fun to explore. this phenomena sounds like fun exploring to me.

    long ago i read that flickering light – daylight or others, however daylight worked best for me at the time – could produce lots of color with your eyes closed. i set up my own way of making light flicker in my back yard and spent days(?) playing with the speed of the flicker – because that controlled a number of things including intensity and black and white – and so on. way fun. aloha.


  3. Swirls and colors, patterns changing, colors blending and evolving; I always thought that I was the only one who saw this and definitely NO hallucinogens for me. Mind boggling and fascinating. Leave it you, dear Judith, to bring up a topic that we have all probably thought about but never realized was a universal thing. Looking forward to closing my eyes very soon. Love Peachy Keen Laurie F.


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