What can I say . . . my stream of consciousness down to a trickle

What can I say . . . Take that literally.  I seem to be mentally wrung dry lately. Let’s see . . .

I’m wearing a 14 day mini EKG thingey.  Chest pains are gone.  Maybe I’ll wear this EKG thingey forever.  It seems to work better than meds.   My little toe had a run-in with a big piece of furniture.  My foot is swollen, black and blue and the furniture is smirking.  I’ve lost 8 pounds but am in a stall and have started that “What does it matter anyway if I eat 1/2 dozen bagels . . .  for breakfast?”

My hair is now salt & pepper  and short, VERY short.  Lady Clairol and I have parted ways.  I like my hair.  Need to have a picture taken (as soon as I lose 20 more pounds) to change my web identity.  By the time I lose 20 more pounds my hair will no longer be salt & pepper , will be down to my waist, discreetly pulled back on one side (the left side) by a tasteful hot pink silk begonia flower.

Not my hair, not my flowers

I  should start looking for an outfit to wear with my begonia.  But that’s probably not a good idea.  If I find just the right outfit now it will no longer fit (or be in style) when I’ve lost 20 more pounds.

Not that I care about style.  Thanks to my Mother I’ve always been out of style.  It’s not that she didn’t have style.  My Mother sewed most of my clothes.  To my chagrin she was always about a decade ahead of the current trend.  I had a one piece jump suit, a cape and a pony tail years before they were popular,  culottes too.

Culotte Pattern

Culottes that’s what we called them.  I don’t know what they call them now.  The closet thing I can think of to culottes today are men’s boxer shorts, several sizes larger than they need to be, without the fly.

Speaking of clothes.  I got 4 t-shirts at Wal-mart (don’t send in comments about how I shouldn’t shop at Wal-Mart PLEASE) for $3/each.  Is that a bargain or what!?  Three navy and one black.  I would have bought more but all the rest were either too big or too small.  I refuse to pay full price for clothes.  My Mother taught me to NEVER, I mean NEVER buy retail.  It was better to sew your clothes so you could get exactly what you want and wait for the twice a year sales at the department stores.  And NEVER, I mean NEVER get rid of anything because it will come back in style.

What can I say . . .

4 thoughts on “What can I say . . . my stream of consciousness down to a trickle

  1. I got sent home when I was in high school because I wore culottes….we had to wear dresses or skirts. Finally when I was a senior in high school, last semester of course, we were allowed to wear slacks…..dress slacks. My Mother also sewed all my clothes!


    • Mo,
      We had to wear dresses or skirts too. Girls were allowed to wear pants one day a year for Rodeo day (I grew up in Phoenix). I still remember my black pants and orange, black, white, yellow plaid cowboy shirt.
      Ah, those were the days . . .


    • Melinda,
      SEE! Mom was right. Everything comes back in style again. Yup goucho pants are culottes in disguise.
      The only thing that Mom didn’t account for is that even if clothes do come back in style, my body hasn’t come back.


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