My Stress Checklist Reminder & widespread pain

Even when I’m spaced out in front of the TV, gardening, petting Max I’m stressed out. It’s important that I remind myself of that since stress has become my norm.

It’s easy  for me to forget that with a chronic medical condition(s) my body itself is the stressor.  Pain is a signal that something is wrong and tells all my systems to be on alert . . . 24/7

This is a comprehensive easy to read article on stress and provides an excellent reference.

There is a check-list in the article.  I love check lists so of course took it.  Here are my surprising results:

Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Memory problems  No problem, no memory.
  • Inability to concentrate I am a great multi-tasker
  • Poor judgment Posting this post
  • Seeing only the negative  I can barely see past my own nose.
  • Anxious or racing thoughts Never, I concentrate on relaxing
  • Constant worrying  “What me worry?” 

    Alfred E. Neuman

Emotional Symptoms 

  • Moodiness  Only when I’m moody
  • Irritability or short temper  I get  irritable when my temper is short.  
  • Agitation, inability to relax I try to relax all the time
  • Feeling overwhelmed This list is overwhelming
  • Sense of loneliness and isolation  I long for isolation . . .
  • Depression or general unhappiness Eh?

Physical Symptoms

  • Aches and pains  That’s what’s creating the stress in the first place.
  • Diarrhea or constipation  There are limits to my self disclosure.
  • Nausea, dizziness  Does ditsy count?
  • Chest pain, rapid heartbeat  No kidding!
  • Loss of sex drive  X-rated, no comment
  • Frequent colds Only my feet

Behavioral Symptoms

  • Sleeping too much or too little Much is more
  • Isolating yourself from others What other’s?  Remind me who they are.
  • Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities Who me?, never! I’ll get to my paperwork . . . soon.
  • Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax  My drug of choice is carbs
  • Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing) Shaking my foot
  • Eating more or less  More is more

This stress checklist has irritated me.  I’ll decide if I’m stressed after I eat some cake and relax .

9 comments on “My Stress Checklist Reminder & widespread pain

  1. Just as a non-bias observer (ha, yeah right) I believe you were much happier when you were writing unabashedly about fish and gloating (yes, I said gloating not floating) and beating me to a messy pulp in our Eppiglottitis contest. Since that stopped you have concentrated too much on your physical symptoms (I know, what physical symptoms?)After the cake (how can you not post what kind it was-you should know me and Mo by now-we NEED details) you need a relaxing vacation. Near a good hospital so you don’t panic (have anxiety meds with you at all time) and do WHAT YOU WANT TO DO ONLY. I’m available and yes, I will pay my own way. BTW, I have finally met someone who is more stubborn than me. Guess who? You. Love your faux peachy daughter Laurie Lou Westerfield Jr.


    • My Dearest Peachy Keen L.L.W.F. Jr. most august non-biased observer,

      I was much happier. I’m thinking about going back on Mirapex and cultivating addictions. I’m thinking about the gambling addiction because I’m currently too tired for the sex addiction.
      with love,


      • Dear Ma,
        I don’t know what the drug does or is for but I suggest taking it immediately, with consulting any physician who agrees with us. That said, I suggest you also go on a food addiction which can be started immediately if not sooner. Try and find one joy each day and write it down, here or somewhere else. Or we could all do it. I’m in if anyone else would like to do it. Think about it, don’t want it to be stress-inducing so it’s your call. Love, your peachy keen, daughter, Laurie F.Westerfield Jr.


        • Dear My Peachy Keen L.F.W.Jr
          I set up an entire page on my blog for doing this over a year ago – to record our “victories” for the day. Lorraine, one other person and I were the only ones who did it (even tho everyone thought it a great idea) and then KAAAAAAAAAAAAAPUT. So I took it down. I think it caused stress . ..

          But maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe a poem, saying, a picture, haiku or ditty etc. of some kind to express joy, victory, gratitude etc. SOmething NOT so mundane? Wadda you tink?


  2. I absolutely adore your response to the list. We could be sisters! Give Max a hug. Hugging Buster is the only thing that doesn’t stress me out. I should probably put him in a sling and carry him around wherever I go.


  3. Oh, geez. Now I’m really stressed out. I think most of that list is describing me. Wait! Has somebody been spying on me?! (she says, looking around suspiciously)


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