Max’s Video Pick of the Month – Nono & Sio

Dear all my best friends,
My Uncle Rick sent this. I don’t know what Nono and Sio were thinking when they chose those ill-fitting clothes to wear in public.

The waitress forgot the water. I hope they didn’t leave her a tip



10 thoughts on “Max’s Video Pick of the Month – Nono & Sio

  1. Dear Max, My human has shown me this video before and we always watch the whole thing because we think it is so funny. We should go out for dinner sometime…….
    Tootsie Pop


    • Dear my pal Tottsie Pop,
      Next to Lexi-Pro your name is my favorite. I saw a dog named Barksdale and that’s a cool name too.
      You should come over my house for dinner. Since I’m not able to have salt my Human cooks everything special for me – chicken & rice (REAL chicken), ground turkey loaf (she puts weird things in it like spinach and pumpkin). It’s quite good but don’t tell her I said that.
      Snnnnnnnnniffffffffffffffffingly yours,


  2. Maxx,
    Did you notice Sia is a Danish Broholmer, and there are two Swiss Flags are on the counter
    behind them? They have heavy woolen European sweater on. The knives have large blades,like European design. Maybe they are Danish, living in Switzerland:)

    You are lucky to live in a warm climate, so you don’t have to worry about sweaters:)


  3. Max,

    These dogs are definitely from Europe, eating with their knives and forks like that,
    and the way they interacted, with each other. I’m thinking a Scandinavian country.
    Are you ordering up breakfast from your Human, and a place at the table? 🙂

    Judy, this is the most adorable dog video ever:) Sooo so clever, and great sense of humor.


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