Fashion Forward Friday – Judy’s Chronic Conditions’ Style

When I saw Matt Lauer interview my Muse (muses) fashion icons from my new favorite blog  Advanced Style   I was inspired to “take it out of my closet” and inspire all of you who need inspiring too:

Me sleeping

  I’m at my best when I’m sleeping.  I don’t know that I’m in pain, depressed or exhausted until I wake up.  Here’s a sleep wear  ensemble I wear when I need to feel up when I’m down. . . Or cheerful while I’m asleep .  . .Or colorful when I’m not awake.

The bottoms are drawstringthe top oversized and the bracelet is stretch.  All are designed not to impinge on my delicate body and awaken me from slumber while accommodating the possibility of my gaining weight while I’m sleeping from my before bed snackS


I LOVE to mix textures.  Notice how the fuzzy flannel of the pajama bottoms beautifully play off  the soft cotton knit texture of the t-shirt. The smooth reflective bangles around my wrist add just the touch of surprise to bring the outfit alive.

Particularly observe how the red top echoes the red polka dots.  The round bangles of the pink necklace continue  the “round motif” as well as pick up the pink polka dots in the pajama bottoms.

As a final touch I echo all the colors in the pajama bottoms with a tasteful turquoisy-blue ring and a Chartreuse flower.

Turquoisy-Blue echoes turquoisy-blue polka dots

Tasteful Chartreuse flower

I never wear earrings with my night-time attire as they get in my way while I slumber.

I hope you are inspired to Fashionably Flaunt Your Chronic Condition.

IMPORTANT Bonus Fashion Forward tip of the day:  ALWAYS wear ALL your make-up to bed.  You will wake up in the morning looking your wonderful best.  

Remember – When you LOOK YOUR BEST you ACT YOUR BEST and then FEEL YOUR BEST.

Me at my best

5 thoughts on “Fashion Forward Friday – Judy’s Chronic Conditions’ Style

  1. Oh Judy/Judith, you look so cute. Often I can’t find matching tops and bottoms so I just put on what is on top of the laundry basket. My favorite outfit consists of bottoms with flamingos and a top with cats. I think they both have pink in them somewhere. Good night!


  2. Do I see deliciously, luscious red nail polish on your precious toes or am I imagining it? I must say you are the most elegant chronic pain person I know and i LOVE your hair so much. You are now the little pixie I’ve always imagined. Even though I am your peachy keen faux daughter Laurie J. Westerfield, Jr. I do not have the same fashion sense. I generally sleep in a ripped T shirt a la Flashdance or the new technique learned from my daughter cutting a V in the front of the longTee shirt. Ahhh, so much more comfortable. I also have pj botoms but generally only use them to lounge. And I NEVER have matching jewelry!!!!!!! WHAT A LADY.I bow down to your grace, you are luscious, proud to call you mum. Love, Peachy Keen Junior


  3. Well, fashion in SOME direction anyway – and uniquely (as always) YOU! Your ensemble colors woke me up from a mid-day lapse of my usual semi-consciousness. It’s a Kodachrome world, thanks for keeping it vibrant.

    Who knew, The Rolling Stones haiku (from “She’s A Rainbow)

    “She’s like a rainbow
    Coming colors in the air…
    …oh, everywhere…”


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