Maxaiku by Max

Unconscious humans

a bit flaky and uptight

all bark and no bite

* * *

(The following haiku are by my Human who is rarely conscious.)

Consciously conscious?
Unconsciously unconscious?
Very hard to “know”

* * *

Wake me when I’m dead

You’ll unconsciously know when

Just set an alarm

 * * *

Perhaps just a dream

or  a puppet pulled by strings

choices that I make

* * *

14 thoughts on “CONSCIOUSLY yours, Max

  1. Consciously conscious, quite well done, indeed.
    Emotionally conscious, creepily creepy
    Learning to live at a higher, more informed level because of you, consciously consciously very good
    Unconsciously conscious, I knew these things already from Maxhaiku and You
    Set No Alarms, Life and Death will find us either way.
    Enjoy each moment.
    Your Daughter, Peachy Keen J.W. Mushy Jr.
    With Love, Laughter and Light


  2. I don’t know but all haiku appear to be stemming from an unconsciously conscious situation….you missed writing that.. well….I enjoyed them all Judy…will like you to see my post for One Single



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