Take a Load off Grannie

“Ay, yi, yi, yi”  my right hips been saying for several months now.  Soooooooooo. . . .

Went for a physical therapy evaluation this morning.  Seems as if my right leg is shorter than my left leg.  My right hip walks ahead of my left hip and my back is skewed.  Guess that explains, in part, why my body hurts.

My “delightfully irreverent” Baha’i “mentor, spiritual consultant, friend and inspirer” said that my new mantra is:

Take a Load off Grannie !

3 thoughts on “Take a Load off Grannie

  1. I have recently become a 3-legged man. When the lady at the register asked me, in her chirpiest voice, how I’m “doin”, I replied (as merrily as the situation would allow) that I was doin just fine, for a man buying a cane, thank you very much.

    I feel fer ya, lady


  2. Your poor body! Love this song…..my son’s band plays it and it is the only song they let my boy sing. The poor boy is tone deaf. I will remember this for the future…..when I become a Grannie!

    Hope your body feels better soon!



  3. I do think that’s a very common problem, of course I have it too but that just might mean pure genetics ( you know what they say, like mother, like daughter). I have that horrid song now stuck in my brain and I didn’t even listen to the music, I remembered it (that’s a scary thought) it will be in my head all night. Thanks for that. It’s not as bad as my most hated song “Someone left a cake out in the rain……” HA! You’re Welcome. Love LF Peachy Keen Trouble Maker JW Jr.


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