Fire, The Wheel, Tampons, The Internet and NOW 3D Printers!

The first thing I would print is a personal housekeeper Robot who could clean & cook and looked like George Clooney.

I want one!  Printer, that is . . . .

What would you print?

aSan Diego based firm headed by CEO Keith Murphy, has high hopes for 
the future of the technology as a medical tool with surprising speed. “We currently produce organic tissues grown from cell samples, which can be used as a human analog for pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. The printing process can take as little as 12-24 hours. This can allow for more relevant results and less animal involvement than traditional research methods.” said Murphy in a recent interview. ”

“One day companies like Organovo may be able to simply harvest a grown adults’ stem cells from a blood draw, use a specialized 3D printer to build an organic, polymeric scaffolding in the shape of the organ or tissue that needs to be replicated, and literally grow a kidney, heart, lungs, within a matter of days or weeks. “

“In theory, pluripotent stem cells can be
harnessed safely from the intended transplant recipients, without 
 damage to any unborn fetuses. They offer patients no chance of organ  
rejection due to their self origin, and bypass the need for endless
 waiting lists where patients may never find themselves at the 
top before it’s too late. Imagine a world where replaceable organs were available to 
everyone who needed one. It may be coming faster than you think.”

“With any world-changing technology, it only matters once it actually does change the world”.

Read the entire article at: Forbes

Take a look at  Bras & Guitars –

Thanks IDA for sending the link!!

The term “3D printing” was coined at MIT in 1995 when then graduate students Jim Bredt and Tim Anderson modified an inkjet printer to extrude a binding solution onto a bed of powder, rather than ink onto paper. wikipedia

One comment on “Fire, The Wheel, Tampons, The Internet and NOW 3D Printers!

  1. The concept has potential in terms of transplants. The number of people who die each year waiting for a transplant is saddening. I saw something on tv about 3-D printing and medicine.
    Luckily, when one of my brother-in-laws needed a kidney, another brother was able to provide one.
    As to what I’d print first? I like the idea of the cleanupbot, but I’m not sure I’d go for the George Clooney model.


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