14 thoughts on “Which Witch is Which?

  1. aloha MentalMakeOvers – i like the idea of comparing white witch with black witch.

    cool on the visual as well – in it i feel like the two are actually one, so it becomes symbolic of the struggle within each of us between white and black that we all have going on inside of our own being. cool on that. aloha.


  2. I just read this. Did you read mine? Mama Bear, I think we wrote the same thing or close enough. Very funny indeed. PS I got another “Fish” phishing post again today. I love them. It’s like you are sending me a smile or a thought. Love, peachy keen laurie f. j.westerfield, Jr. who is getting spooked by the “spooky storm”


      • I did reply on yours saying how much yours was like mine. So which is which, witchy-poo? any update on how you are feeling personally, would be most welcome, email is always open and available. Also, Lexi wants Max to know she has finally become a young lady and has calmed down a bit. What a difference. There is a God! Love and Hugs, Lexi and Laurie Peach Keen Jrs.


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