A Threat to Sponge Bob Square Pants?

Harp Sponge Chondrocladia lyra

This is a new sponge that has been discovered deep in the ocean!

It’s a harp sponge called Chondrocladia lyra

It’s certainly NOT a conventional sponge.

It’s carnivorous.

Maybe we can use it for:

  • Cleaning out pots of meat stew
  • Cleaning window blinds
  • Throw out your dental floss and in one fell swoop – ALL the teeth, top and bottom flossed at once.

Before I use my Chondrocladia lyras importers need to address the fact that the balls on top of each is filled with sperm


To figure out how you will use your new carnivorous sponge see the video here:-carnivorous-harp-sponge

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