The Best Medicine!

Cancelled clients today.  Not feeling well, probably due to titrating off one medication and starting another.  In order to eliminate as many factors as possible to try to find out what is causing my symptom-stuff I’m stopping the meds that may be contributing (under doctors’ supervision).  

Received this wonderful handmade card in the mail today and inside was a loving message and

red hearts!  It’s the best medicine I could have today!


Ida, Love the artwork, love the colors colors, love the freedom of expression,  love the card,

love YOU!

9 comments on “The Best Medicine!

  1. Hope your system balances out soon, and your energy returns. I am sure Nurse Max is taking excellent care of keeping your spirits from dipping too low. Hope you feel better soon … like the new blog name! 😀


  2. You know you are loved by so many…all around…and you know that all of us keep getting sprinkles of love from the fountain of love in your heart…Get well Judy…take care.. God bless!!!



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