1., 2., Tree Haiku

1. Haiku

Tree Tree by Judy

“I am two or tree”
tiny child wants me to know
years of life on earth

2. Haiku

Gnarly Grounded roots
swaying limbs and breezy leaves
stuck in place in space

3.  Haiku, by Max

I love a good tree
a watering hole for me
the best place to pee

30 comments on “1., 2., Tree Haiku

    • Dear Anonymous, I never respond to or approve of comments sent by people who do not identify themselves.

      However, since you are obviously highly-haiku-literate I shall this time acknowledge your comment.

      Can’t pee on a tree
      because your legs are too short?
      Just look for green grass



        • Anonymous – you come up as ANONYMOUS everytime without a link to a web-site or blog or e-mail or a name, Just ANONYMOUS. The only thing under “Anonymous are the numbers ??????????????

          Who are you? Maybe someone can help with relieving you of anonymity! I’m very tech savvy too so I don’t have a clue. Max loved your haiku and sent you a response.


  1. Congratulations Judith on winning Rallentanda’s Quiz.I commend you on your courage in tackling such a difficult and cerebrally challenging subject:) I will be running some more in the future with better prizes such as dinner for two with Cosmo at a restaurant of your choice.


    • Dear my best friend Ramesh Sood, (may I call you Ramesh, since we are best friends?)

      I’m appalled to learn that humans have to hide . . . Such sneaky, insecure creatures humans. That’s why we have to spend our entire lives training them to learn how to behave.

      Lickingly, LLLLLLLLLLLLL


    • My Friend Rallentanda, (Sorry that I cannot call you “my best friend”),

      I was and am stone cold sober. The only beverage I imbibe in is water (mainly because I can’t reach the cabinet). Having established that — I don’t own a computer. I have to use my Human’s computer which is why I so rarely am able to write a post since she hogs it (don’t tell her I said that).

      My haiku are all inspired by my personal experience, unlike most of the ones my Human writes.

      Personal experience Haiku are among the most difficult because you have to be bravely vulnerable to write them (which is, by the way, the reason the Japanese focused on nature in their haiku. The Japanese are extremely private people and no way would they write about themselves.)



    • Dear My Best Friend Wabi Sabi,
      How did you know?

      There’s a lovable dog named Max
      Can’t duplicate him if you try
      Part genius it’s said
      for he reads in bed
      and sleeping dogs never lie

      Lickingly yoursLLLLLLLLL,


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