Hair Today Gone Tomorrow, by Max

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

by Max

There once was a dog named Max
who lost all his facial hair
he claims it was meds
that took the hair from his heads
and swears he never bought “Nair”

Me, well-groomed and handsome

Dear All My Best FANS & Friends,

Now that all* of you are asking why my picture hasn’t appeared with my Haiku, telling me you miss me (in addition, to the accolades I receive for my innate ability to wax poetic) I am coming “clean”, so to speak.

As you know, well maybe you don’t know, but now you will know, my doctor has put me on heart medication and a diuretic because I have a heart murmur.  

I suspect I caught my heart problem  from my Human, who as you know, well maybe you don’t know, but she’s talked about it enough so you should know  (don’t tell her I said that) she has heart problems. She and I are in close contact because she craves touch and attention (don’t tell her I said that) that it wouldn’t surprise me.

Well, I started taking the medication and my Human began to notice there were clumps of my beautiful hair all over the house.  She is not very fastidious (don’t tell her I said that).  And then, lo and behold, she looked at me one day and noticed that all my beautiful locks were no longer on my head, which of course had been all over the floor for days. In addition to not being very fastidious, she’s obviously not very observant (don’t tell her I said that).

So now, instead of all those girly words like adorable, cute, fluffy and precious I am now manly, handsome and well groomed.



P.S.  Please notice my beautiful big brown eyes are now the center of my handsomeness.

*Lexi-Pro & Laurie F, Hibernationnow

12 comments on “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow, by Max

    • Dear my best friend AEEEEEEEEEEDA,
      Thank you for the compliment and the exclamation marks. I like exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!
      Lickingly LLLLLLLLLL
      P.S. The next time please refer to me as handsome so as not to confuse my many fans .


    • Dear my best friend Becca,
      NOW DISTINGUISHED LOOKING is exactly the words I’ve been searching for, not to mention EXPRESSIVE eyes. That’s why you are a poetess of the highest caliber and distinction.
      Distinguishedly yours,


  1. Your “cousin” Duffy sympathizes and offers to trade his torn meniscus and probably torn ACL for your hair loss (though not the heart murmur part). His human still thinks you’re very handsome and hope to see you soon to get his ear licked.
    Woof – dogs rule!


    • Dear my best pal Cousin Duffy,
      I am so sorry you still have a torn meniscus (and probably ACL). That doesn’t sound good. Did it change your facial appearance?
      Sssssssssniffffffffffingly yours,
      P.S. I prefer not to lick


    • Dear my best friend Rosemary Lee and my best pal Buster,
      Unfortunately I live in Southern California and appearance matters but you are very kind for trying to make me feel better.
      Lickingly LLLLLLLLLL and Ssssssssssssnifingly,


  2. Dear Max,
    You are very beautiful, inside and out. I always knew that though. Your heart may be a little sick and your human’s too but we all know how much love is inside. Your hearts will always be felt even if they may feel a little icky. I love both of you, with hair or without. Looks don’t matter to me or to my human, they never did. We connected and always will. Love and kisses, Lexi-Pro and Laurie


    • Dear my best Fake Sister Laurie F and my best Pal Lexi-Pro,
      Thank you for trying to cheer me up. It’s very kind and loving of you in addition to perceptive. I will try to find a locket of hair to send (I had such glorious hair) so that you can keep me close to your loving heart.
      Lickingly LLLLLLLLLLLLLL


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