Ode to Tom (turkey that is) by Freddie

A Turkey’s Tail

by Freddie

A turkey named Tom lived on a farm

Portrait of Tom & organic Slug

His story is such, so they say

Waking at dawn

he’d peck at the lawn,

searching for bugs,

nibbling on slugs

of which he was particularly fond.

Then a Thanksgiving day, out of the blue

Gobbledy gobbledy gone.

So if  YOU took Tom from off his farm

in the middle of the night

please give him due thanks

for gracing your table.  (It’s  fitting and right).

And for all the bugs and many slugs

which make him an organic delight

Dear Human Beings,

  1. I am thankful that I was not born in places that eat dogs.
  2. I am thankful you are all my best friends and fans.


P.S.  I was told to tell you my Human wishes that you things to be grateful for in your life, like me for example.

7 comments on “Ode to Tom (turkey that is) by Freddie

  1. My goodness Max looks like a different dog!
    Sandy went through a period with her meds causing her to lose a lot of her hair too. i should show you photos before, during, and after. She was very scruffy, and fluffy before, during, she was sleek, after she got her eyebrows and beard back with her Grinch feet…but she wasn’t as fluffy as before. Then she started to think once again when put on another med. But not as much as the first time.

    If you look at photos, it looks like I had 3 or 4 dogs over her lifetime….but they were all related.

    I promise I’m giving thanks to Tom….and so much more.
    Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. it’s been a rough year.
    But I’m grateful it wasn’t worse. : )
    and I can still enjoy the days that are good.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    I’m grateful for Max and Judy!


    • Wendy,
      It is like looking at a different dog. WIthout the top hair he’s very soft but it just isn’t “Max”. I keep doing a double take.
      I’ve been following your posts and can’t imagine HOW very difficult it’s been for you. You are a wonder, always bouncing back and reclaiming your positive spirit.
      With much love,


  2. Curiosity leads to creativity..here good to see that creativity led to curiosity…and Max looks good…and different…

    Well Judy also to answer your question…It just happens that I write ‘She’..sounds a lot better..I think it gives a more intense meaning..



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