Belly Up to the Bar Boys . . . in your dreams . . .

When I saw Cressida’s post I immediately related:

  • I took a belly dancing class once.  (The only thing I lacked was the right costume)
  • I listened to Santana in the late 60’s. (when it was harder than now to see my belly.)
  • I will write a Black Magic Haiku too. (about my own belly dancing):

Moving  sensually 

belly heaves to the music.

That’s not all that heaves.

Now!  Listen to the music, watch the belly, read  Cressida’s accompanying poem

and if you have any imagination picture me! 

Santana ~ Black Magic Woman with sensational belly dancer

Black Magic Woman

By Cressida de Nova

mesmerising alla black magic woman
dancing on the desert sand
in the cool moonlight

with her belly breasts and moves
black magic at work

white men sell their souls
for a temptress like this jewel
lambs to the slaughter

i watch them crying
wallets emptied no airline
ticket to go home

Thanks Cressida for giving me permission to repost your Haiku!

3 comments on “Belly Up to the Bar Boys . . . in your dreams . . .

  1. I’m sorry, you know I adore you but picturing you “heaving” in ANY way brings me emotional distress with an added heaping of hysterical laughter. I don’t want to picture you heaving anything, thank you very much. Love, Laurie F. (not Jr.)


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