Spirituality According to Max, Chapter 4 – Unleashed

“Happiness or sorrow – whatever befalls you, walk on untouched, unattached.” Buddha (563 – 483 BC)

Max, 1998 – 2012

If you missed any parts here are the links:

Prologue & Epilogue

Chapter 1 – Instincts Rule

Chapter 2 – Love at First Lick

Chapter 3 – Chewsing Heaven

The ride home took a needed detour to the pet store.  Dog food – only the best, doggie treats – only the tastiest and a walking halter so as not to hurt his precious neck when in his exuberance he powerfully strains forward on the collar producing rather unsettling choking sounds.  Choking doesn’t seem to bother Homer  in the least (we’ve got to do something about that name) but my uproarious laughter is disappearing in concern that we’ll end up with a dog with brain damage from lack of oxygen due to choking.  I’m no longer worried about the shelter-lady taking him back.  Now I’m worried animal control will jail us for cruelty to animals.

In the pet store, it’s Homer who is now in heaven.  Careening down the aisles, with me in tow, he’s a sniffing snorting, choking blur of dog.  Ah, finally find the halters.  Red, green, black.  I choose blue as it nicely sets off the color of his coat.  Halter size is a bit harder.  The length of his body puts him in the big dog size, his weight and girth put him in medium and his short legs put him in the small dog category. A fitting is required. Bending over to try a halter on for size  he exuberantly licks my face, my neck, my arms, setting me off, once again, into laughing ecstasy.  When the halter comes anywhere near his head he ducks and lurches away surprising me with his determination not to put on anything that isn’t his idea.

“Here’s the plan,” I tell my husband, “I’ll get down on the floor and restrain him while you slip the halter on”.  What sounds like a totally sensible plan turns into a wrestling match with all three of us on the floor.  Bursting into even more laughter, signals Homer we’re here to play.  And now that we’re at his level it’s even more fun for him as he jumps on both of us, over and over and over. and over and over and . . .  it’s a battle to the finish, everyone trying to establish alpha status, on the floor, arms, legs and paws flailing wildly in the middle of the leash and halter aisle.

Homer wins. With our tails between our legs my husband pays for all of Homer’s loot (minus a halter) while I, hanging on for dear life,  zig-zagging, sniffing and choking go back to the car.  Round #2 of the fight for alpha status begins again, as we cram all squirming, lurching and licking 29 pounds of dog into the back seat.

My husband now joins my Dad, “Why did you pick this dog?”.  I throw him a darted look while trying to control Homer from jumping from the back seat into the front to lick me. This dog really loves me.

Stay tuned . . .for More of Max’s Most Marvelous Adventure

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Chapter 3 – Chewsing Heaven
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9 thoughts on “Spirituality According to Max, Chapter 4 – Unleashed

    1. Laurie,
      AM I EVER GLAD YOU REMEMBERED or I wouldn’t have slept either. Yes, yes, I remember CLiff notes. I was too poor in college to buy them (and back in those days it was thought of as a “form of cheating” which a proper college student would not do. Even if I had the money I probably wouldn’t have bought them … it seemed then and now the real cheating was cheating yourself out of a good education.)


  1. I have to agree with Rosemary … Max (errr, “Homer” — REALLY??) adores you, and is showing you how thrilled he was to have a “fur-ever” home to share his love and antics!! 😀


      1. As soon as I saw there was a new chapter on umm Homer, I so totally didn’t really read the ant one. Can I have that in Spark notes? I was too excited to read this. Reminds me quite a bit of our girl Lexi-Pro but she’s probably about 48 pounds now and could probably get me down in half a second.


          1. My kids’ generation called them Spark notes, they are the condensed version of books (basically fake cheating for the kids who don’t read the book) I’m having a Senior moment as to what we called them. I won’t sleep unless I remember. Or u remember. In my day they were booklets with yellow and black stripes……age. Not for the weary.


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