All Creatures Great and Small

“How great are Your works, O God! You made them all with wisdom, the earth is full of Your creatures.” Psalms 104:24 


It rained today.  Actually more like a heavy mist that gently moistened the air and wet the ground.  In Southern California that qualifies as rain.  When it’s anything a bit heavier it’s called a storm . .. A parade of ants appeared in my bathroom.  Well it was a bit more than a “parade” . . . an infestation of hundreds, probably trying to escape their water laden home.

 “A man is not a great man because he is a warrior and kills other men; but because he hurts not any living being he in truth is called a great man.”Dhammapada (Buddhism)

*   *   *

Clients frequently come to see me for Interactive Guided Imagery(sm) or hypnosis because of a chronic medical condition which usually involves pain.
There are lots of things I will teach them but one of my favorites is a simple meditation I made up:
*    *    *
Close your eyes and focus on all the parts of your body that are not crying out for attention. No need to deny the parts that are hurting, the parts crying out for attention.  Just let them be . . . while you  shift your attention to tiny little places that are silent – like an earlobe, an eyebrow, an inside organ even your belly button or a toenail  .. . you’ll know where to find them in their silence .. . they’re always there … and share your gratitude in any way you choose . . . from head to toe,  inside  and out . . . gratitude to the thousand of cells that are silently doing just what they were created to do.”
*   *   *
When I read this  fascinating article written by “my man”, Robert Krulwich (I love his reporting) I flashed to that easy meditation I’ve probably shared hundreds of time.  I also flashed to the ants – the fact that I pay more attention to the large things that pass through my awareness:  The red-tailed hawk that swoops by, a tree, an elephant . . . and only pay attention to the tiny things when they invade my space (like the hoard of ants in my bathroom yesterday) . . . or bite me.
 Ok, back to “My Man’s” article: I am in awe of the bio diversity of this planet that is our home
It’s mind-boggling!

And mind-rattling about our ignorance, often propelled by our search for quantity over quality, our greed, our sense of superiority when we ignorantly eradicate  the tiny creatures we pay little attention to . . . when they are causing “problems”. 

I do feel a bit guilty about killing the ants.  I just didn’t know how to lead them outside.


Read this article,  you’ll better understand my reaction.  It’s short, has pictures and won’t take you but a minute.

” . . . the growth and development of the vegetable world is impossible without the existence of the animal kingdom, and the maintenance of animal life is inconceivable without the co-operation of the vegetable kingdom. Of like kind are the relationships that exist among all created things.”Bahá’u’lláh, Baha’i

One thought on “All Creatures Great and Small

  1. I had ants all over my kitchen counters at the beginning of the summer. I tried all the “natural” stuff I found on the internet. Only thing that happened was my house smelled good. (Lemon essential oil was used in one concoction) After a few days I moved on to RAID. Kills bugs fast, but doesn’t smell good. I didn’t feel guilty at all.


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