Snow Kidding


Santa and his elves

Single largest employer

Could be a snow job

“There are 760 million Christian children in the world, according to the Pew Research Center. Suppose Santa delivers one gift to each child. What kind of delivery workforce would Santa need?

We couldn’t get an interview with Santa. But we did get Paul Tronsor from FedEx and Mike Mangeot from UPS. They helped us go through the numbers.

Here are just a few of the positions Santa would need to fill to pull off Christmas.”

  • images-4146 international distribution centers, to allow Santa to reload as he crosses the globe. That means 400,000 workers for loading presents onto Santa’s sleigh.
  • 60,000 workers to develop optimized flight plans and communicate with the FAA, secure flyover rights, etc.
  • 7,000 people monitoring demand and tweaking his route in real time.
  • 100 meteorologists to make sure Santa doesn’t fly into a blizzard.
  • 40,000 people to help Santa clear customs.

My apologies to whomever and where ever – I can’t find my original source . . . gulp . . .

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