Every Day is a New Year

DSCN0831As days pass it seems to have gotten harder, not having Max.  I try to hold tight to what he showed me every minute of every day and live my life just as he did:

Breathe it in right now

every day is a new year

 Gratitude and love

27 comments on “Every Day is a New Year

  1. Just to let you know that when I think of Max (and you, of course), I smile. Tears might seem more appropriate, I know. For me, finding something warm, comfortable, inspiring, funny, insightful — a smile kind of remembory — helps to soften the sharp and shattered edges of the hole in my life when someone passes on.
    Wishing you a new year full of more smiles than tears.


  2. I regret to say I missed your blog (if there was one when you lost Max). How terribly terribly sad. I know this from the loss of my beloved cat. Friends said I must replace him, but after years I have not been able to do so. Blessings.


  3. No easy words to offer you, just this. I know grief as well as anyone who has been on this earth awhile does. I most associate it with not being able to breathe. For me that was the physicality of grief. So take comfort in the fact that you are able to ‘breathe it in right now’ Peace to you.


    • WabiSabi,
      Thank you for the wish of peace. It is the place we must all go. For some it takes longer. I don’t know why.
      As human beings, no matter where we are from or where we will go, the single thing all share is loss. It is meant to be. Not easy, but meant to be.


  4. About three decades ago I read something like this in Roots…There are three kinds of souls who live in this world.. those who are living in some form , those who have lived, and those who are living… isn’t Max alive in your thoughts… I think he is and that too is great gift of God.. I have always felt that we should remember those who have shed their physical form, with joy and not pain because they watch us…and want us to be happy and joyous..

    Love and gratitude , Judy.. you are a wonderful soul…



  5. Judy – at this time of the season with many reflections of the past year often surfacing … perhaps this is heightening your sensitivity. (??)

    I find these last few weeks more difficult … maybe it is the holidays, I am not sure … but there is a reminder for me … last year at this time was when the oldest matriarch of our doggie world, Tippy first became ill. I provided hospice care for her round the clock … my memories are sweeter, but it DOES takes time — especially with the type of bond you had with Max. Unfortunately, I can offer no magic words of comfort for you … however, for me, I find comfort in knowing Tippy’s spirit is often with me, and at times, I see her out of the corner of my eye … rounding the corner wagging her airplane tail (she was tail-wagging challenged — it was more like a propeller) … I feel Max’s sweet spirit is with you as well. Be very kind to yourself.

    Have continued keeping you in thought and prayer … believe it or not, I think of Max often as well … so when I do, I offer additional prayers for you. xo b


  6. I think at first, we are in shock for quite a long period. Even though we know logically what happened and we do the things we know we have to do. Collecting the toys, picking up the dish, etc. I found my grief over Callie getting harder but I also knew I wanted another dog in my life. Thus, Lexi. We are all getting older, is it any surprise that we feel loss more intensely? I don’t think so. I am here for you, to support you or entertain you, either or both. I still miss Callie even though I have Lexi. You can’t replace one being for another. It will get easier over time, I PROMISE, but it hasn’t been that long. I needed to be around dogs so just going to the shelters or volunteering helped me. You do what feels right in your heart. That will never misguide you. All my love and hugs, Peachy Keen, Jr.


  7. Such a Darling boy. You must miss him terribly. Life is filled with sorrow. All you can do is have a few giggles and remember the laughing Max. Dogs are a gift to show us how to love ,laugh and be happy! May the New Year bring joy and happiness to you Judith.


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