Good News – Bad News

Warning:  Do NOT touch your computer screen.

* * * * *

Good News:  I sound like Lauren Bacall.

Bad News:  Lauren Bacall is dead.


Good News:  I’m not dead

Bad News:  I feel like “death warmed over.”


(Bad News: Actually I sound and look like James Earl Jones . . . I only wish it were Lauren Bacall.)

* * * *

Good News:  The left side of my throat feels fine

Bad News:  The right side of my throat hurts

* * * * *

Good News:  God created 2 airway passages so I can breathe out of my mouth.

Bad News:  My lips are chapped.

* * * * *

Good News:  I lost 1 pound

Bad News:  I feel sick to my stomach

* * * * *

Good News:  The really HORRIBLE cold I had last week is gone. 

Bad News:  I caught “something” WORSE this week.

* * * * *

Good News:  I have a doctor’s appointment today.

Bad News:  I need to see the doctor.

Now, go wash your hands and disinfect your computer screen.
(Thank you to all who have inquired about my whereabouts. ) 

6 thoughts on “Good News – Bad News

  1. What’s wrong with sounding and looking like James Earl Jones? He has the sexist voice and is downright hubba hubba. Look at the bright side of things. You are lucky you have an appointment today to see the doctor who will give you some medication that you will take like the (so not) good patient that you are. You will rest, relax, drink fruit juices and built your immunity up again so you don’t get sick so soon. Here our ER’s are flooded, literally, by people, 3 deep with the flu, adults with 104 temperature. See? I am being so cheery. Now, let me know what the doctor said please, and what he/she will give you. Maybe you never really got over the first cold had have bronchitis or something? I am not an MD, I just like to pretend to be one. Love, Laurie F. aka Peachy Keen Jr.


  2. Be careful!!!!! The flu is deadly!!! Go to the doctor and wear a mask. You don’t want any more germs taking up residence!! Feel better and you’ll have that pesky pound back in no time!!! Chocolate works wonders!!!!!!


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