Scientific Evidence of the Origins of My Cold (possibly yours too)


  • I am still “under-the-weather” and that phrase may be truer than I thought.
  • I am still, obviously, overly focused on all things nasal.
  • I do believe that Cold Germs come from outer space, as a science experiment to see how humans who are overly focused on trying to breathe respond.

Here’s proof:

Sprinkled with Cosmic Dust*

“Every day our planet is sprinkled with fairy dust … or dust from the heavens. On a daily basis, about 100 tons of interplanetary material (mostly in the form of dust) drifts down to the Earth’s surface.(and finds its way into nasal passages) The tiniest particles are released by comets (read: fairies) as their ices vaporize near the sun”.

The NASA photo is a Hubble Space Telescope close-up image of part of NGC 7023, or the Iris Nebula, (Iris Nebula must be very close to the Nasal Nebula) showing the area is clogged with cosmic dust. (or my nasal passages, take your pick – pun intended.)

 *This is a real article for which I cannot divulge/find the attribution because the fairy-sources wish to remain anonymous as many other scientific studies are still taking place.

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