33 comments on “Dusk Dawning

      • Sorry for my lack of clarity– I was trying to emphasize how well you inverted the natural order by making it day (and dawn) that are cluttering up the night, and dusk the first signs of cleaning. How often I think of it in opposite terms! I really love this haiku! 🙂


        • My Word,
          You were clear. I just thought perhaps that was an actual “form” of haiku. I’m rather haiku-less when it comes to form & function.
          And thank you so much for the “love”! Coming from you that’s a real compliment.


          • Haha, wonderful pun there! Hmm…I think perhaps a “reverse-engineered haiku” (if it really WAS a form) would perhaps be three lines of 7-5-7 syllables? Or maybe would be written backwards? Hmm…might have to try one of those out. You’re quite welcome–your haiku are consistently great, but this one is one of my favorites! And thank you for your kind words in return–they mean a lot to me. 😀


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