How to dance the cold away


Yunfan Tan is a young Shanghai artist/product designer.  He graduated college last June (DongHua University, Shanghai), went to work for some American ad agencies and is now on the web with something new seven times a week. He calls this project Make Something Cooool Every Day.

Can’t get much COOOLER than a polar Bear dancing on ice

P.S.  For those of you living in cold weather climes try the P.Bear dance.  Watch Mr. P. Bears feet to see how quickly he warms things up.

5 thoughts on “How to dance the cold away

  1. How adorable, he is quite talented. Just one thing, he is wearing a FUR COAT and I am morally opposed to wearing one….although with this winter, anything could sway me.I don’t think, in all my years, I have ever, EVER, felt this cold. Please adopt me legally?! Love Peach Keen Jr.


  2. right now it’s…………
    Feels like -17°F
    Judy, funny you should post this today. The fire alarm went off at midnight and we had to evacuate. I put on my cords, jacket and ballet shoes. My neighbors,
    had parkas, gloves etc. We walked a block to get indoors. The only cold I felt was my face and my skin burned. It’s 0 F now, but going down to -11. I do love the winters and cold. It has taken me five winters to say that. LOL I just hate to go out in it, and once I’m out I love it. It’s so energizing.


      • When I came to VT. I was so apprehensive of the winter. I felt this apprehension, before winter for four years, even though I enjoyed it. Last summer, I was looking forward to winter. Last night it was a little too cold down to -25 and my car wouldn’t start. Even though I long to
        go back to California, I know I will miss the winter.


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