Can’t you see that I’m . . . Reversed Engineered?

David* has enhanced the traditional haiku form. These 3 haiku are dedicated to him. (Well, the first one isn’t a haiku, it’s a plea, the second & third ones are Reversed-Engineered.

Come on baby

Rescue me

from myself


Here’s David’s REVERSED-ENGINEERED “haiku” directions.   I quote:

 “I think perhaps a “reverse-engineered haiku” (if it really WAS a form) would perhaps be three lines of 7-5-7 syllables? Or maybe would be written backwards? Hmm…might have to try one of those out.” David

David, here’s an attempt at the two forms of Reverse-Engineered Haiku YOU inspired:

Rewind, re-verse my per-verse

broken haiku form.

Rescue me creatively

*   *   *

All fault David for

haiku engineered reverse.

For it’s David’s fault*

P.S. David is obviously “prone” to cheating . . . . or as he says, enhancing . . . as EVIDENCED by his bio on his very own blog:

*My name is David.  I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD.  I have three wonderful sisters and two amazing parents.   Currently I am studying Community Development at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA.  I love to read poetry and I also love to write poetry, though like most people I’ve never been formally trained.  I also like the tone a photograph can set for an entire poem–the emphasis it can add or the spin it can give.  Some would say it’s cheating–I say it’s enhancing.

20 thoughts on “Can’t you see that I’m . . . Reversed Engineered?

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  2. Can’t believe I’m just now finding this! These are awesome; you’re awesome. I am smiling so wide you’d think I was the Cheshire cat. 😀 I’m a bit behind on my enhancing/cheating format. Once I find a lull in my schedule, perhaps pictures will again start appearing with my poems. 🙂


    • Wordcoaster David,
      I was wondering if you were simply in shock, mortified by seeing yourself quoted, or hiding in a dark room hoping the paparazzi would give up and go looking for Brad and Angelina.
      Get going – your enhancing, er cheating, er waxing poetic is missed. I know because based on my stats page you are getting hits from my post! People WANT TO KNOW who inspired me.


  3. Made it to the end of the post without a freeze! Since I’m absolutely horrible at haikus, as you know, perhaps I’ll do better with the reverse engineered variety!


    • Susan,
      Your comment REALLY made me think about what I say, how I say it and why I say it.

      I hope my rebellion in itself is a universal message to:
      1. Think for ourselves
      2. Look beyond the obvious
      3. Take steps beyond what’s become comfortable & “socially accepted”
      4. Be able to smile at our human antics and foibles
      5. Understand that we are all connected

      Susan! Thank YOU for helping ME do what I wish for others too!


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