Landfill Orchestra – Creativity to the MAX

I played the violin (with my looooooong time friend Sharon Mills) starting in grade school and through high school.  I HATED practicing.  Over and over and over the same exercises that had no musicality, only designed to hone technique.  I never developed technique.  

But I loved playing in the orchestra, sitting in the middle of music. 

My parents sacrificed to buy me the violin and give me lessons.  I was fortunate.  I had a real violin.

Take a look at this short video! Fantastic!

Landfill Harmonic film teaser from Landfill Harmonic on Vimeo.

4 comments on “Landfill Orchestra – Creativity to the MAX

  1. Think about all of the spoiled American kids with unused instruments gathering dust under their beds or stuffed in a closet. My son has at least five guitars, but he plays them all. One of those kids probably wouldn’t believe that kids here have to be told to practice, and that they are playing instruments made of trash and can sound that wonderful.


  2. I have seen this before, and totally in AWE at the ingenious creativity … and the beauty of the sound … the love of music so deep to open the possibilities and vision to see through the obstacles. Thank you for sharing.


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