Red Alert: from the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Acrylic, judy
Acrylic, judy

The ultimate trip

Red-eye flight into the light

Only God  knows where

Haiku-Heights, prompt RED

Tasty morsel me

Microbes lick their little lips

Flaming red sore throat

Microbe licking his lips by judy

About Catnip Blog

My blogs are dedicated to this imaginatively curious, quirky, loving dog. His memory inspires. One of my passions is creating - I'll try almost anything (with the exception of singing & dancing). Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1996 I am determined to find humor, kindness, love and blessings in my life . . . or go crrrrrrrazy. Humor me and take a look at my quirky blog "Curious to the Max at and my spiritual blog "The HeART of Spirituality at AND

21 thoughts on “Red Alert: from the Sublime to the Ridiculous

  1. Is this a viral non-video blog post? Maybe the haiku will impress those little “buggers (know bad pun) will mosey on.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon! Healing (((((hugs)))))


  2. I’m sorry you are still suffering, I am still coughing but able to get about. Always a pleasure to read your contributions and I especially like your picture of the microbe. Horrid thing 🙂


  3. In spite of several weeks of not feeling your best — you manage to bring smiles to all. Your visual imagery as well as word imagery are a delight!!! I do hope you feel 100% SOON!! It is time! 😀


  4. So nice to know you can still amuse yourself with changing colors on your blog when you are so sick.
    I remember …yikes….40 years ago having the flu, and thinking I was going to die I was so sick and then I thought I had and no one told me. That is what the two haiku made me think of…
    That means you must have all this genius for haiku stored up and you don’t even know it !

    Hope you feel better soon…
    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downesast Maine


  5. I think I “caught your bug, probably in person as opposed to from the blog or art therein. Just had my first cough-free night after 1 week! Was worth it…


  6. Let’s hope that the second doesn’t lead to the first!! I am fighting that nasty microbe too! Thanks for the laugh. Did you redesign your blog for the ‘red’ prompt?


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