ART with a capital “A” “R” “T”

Shimmer simmer glow

liberate and celebrate

Embellish your life

Welcome to Sue Kreitzman’s Wild and Wonderfully Colorful World(VIDEO)

12 thoughts on “ART with a capital “A” “R” “T”

  1. Nothing to do with ART, or art, or your post. Just wanted to say I enjoyed feeding your fish this evening.
    The fish in the fish pond here go into a sorta suspended animation/hibernation. Only had a few skiffs of ice so far, so its mostly maintenance (keeping the water level up so the pump and bubbler still work (auto fill only when sprinklers are on). If the ice gets thick enough, we put in a thermal ring that allows fish to come up for “air” (they like hiding under it, too.) and turn off the waterfall, etc. It’s amazing how many survive the winter even when the ice is thick!
    So, I spent some time before supper feeding your fish. Time to toast my bagel (and a toast to your new friend.)


  2. I have seen this before, not that I can remember where…..lovely woman. I feel bad for whoever dusts her house/apartment. Imagine having that job! Need to sleep, NTN. Love, Peachy Keen, Jr ps if peachy keen wanted to become a minister what would his/her title be? PREACHY KEEN.ha ha ha. I do love amusing myself!!! Waiting for a Judy/Judith update…..Love, Laurie F. and Lexi-Pro


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